Tarot spread: the current energies

As promised in the previous -astrologic- article, this time I present to you an article about the Tarot cards (which often happen to complement the planetary positions and astrological explanations perfectly). Many live with the idea that “working with the Tarot cards” is some kind of divination, often because they are found at fairs, and irresponsible predictions about the future were made.
However, nothing is less true. Once used “seriously” these cards symbolize our entire human potential, a rich nuance of situations and moods which we will find in our lives one by one, without a single exception. The order of these 78 cards appear in our lives at random times, depending on where you are standing on your path momentarily.

Add to this the fact that we are all able to recognize and fathom our own situation, based on our daily choices and ability to steer these situations, working with the Tarot cards is nothing more but focusing on your own inner knowing, your subconscious being which you can consult by shutting out your ‘mind’ for a while. Our hands will subconsciously pick out the right cards which will help us find the answers in a single moment, without interference of our rational head.

This focus is kind of a light trance in which you will blindly -without thinking- reach for the right cards. The art is explaining them, with just a little help of that ‘mind’ (the knowledge), but especially guided by intuition, because no man is the same, and no situation or life experience is equal. You will have to ‘feel’ what the cards are telling you in your situation. So this leads us to the answer of the question: divination or guidance: The latter!

I myself, only use the cards on rare occasions, but only if I am truly spinning around in a situation and cannot find or hear the answer, due to constant pondering and interference of my head (the ego). Usually I consult the cards regarding the situation of someone else, allowing me to quickly gain clearance about the situation and blockings in their life: especially how things may work out if this said person does not do anything to change the situation, or how to turn the situation and lead it to the desired direction.

Even though the cards with a summary line towards the future seem so miserable: they are but an informative guideline, because it’s at that moment we are offered the insight and chance to directly steer the outcome, head into another direction, or take some sort of action. Think about the expression “that’s how the cards have been played”. As soon as you start taking other steps, the outcome of the cards will change too. The only condition to gain this kind of clearance in your current reality, is focusing on the question without thinking you already know the answer in your head. That way, you will only allow your intuition (subconsciousness) to talk, and that’s where all the true answers are: within your Higher Self.

I have just spread out a ‘Celtic cross’ to explain the current general energies for everyone at the moment. It’s comparable to mundane astrology, that which is sensible worldwide. The Celtic cross is made out of 10 cards which are placed in a position that has been decided beforehand. This is important: where is each card placed, and on what position. You could say these 10 positions represent 10 questions:

Position 1: what is going on right now, what is the core of the situation?
Position 2: what is influencing the current situation? How does this collaborate?
Position 3: what is the core of this question or situation? How did it come to be?
Position 4: what has happened recently? What has been set in motion recently?
Position 5: what is happening currently?
Position 6: what will happen on a very short notice? What will be the consequence of this?
Position 7: how are you standing in this situation? How do you look at it? How do you feel?
Position 8: how are your surroundings standing in this situation? What is the external influence on you?
Position 9: what are you hoping to achieve, or what do you fear?
Position 10: what will be the outcome, the future, based on the way you currently take action?

It is important to remember that the last card shows us how things will progress when you keep following the path you are currently on. This means it could change once you start changing the steps you take, and therefore be different from what you are shown now. Nothing is set in stone, except the fact that we are creating our own future of tomorrow daily with our thoughts, ideas, feelings, etcetera. Now, what the cards do, is make you aware of that which you are creating right now. Not a lot of hocus-pocus to it, right? This is the Celtic cross I spread, answering the following question: what is currently happening among the energies?

To my surprise the cards matched the current planetary positions (see article: “sailing the cosmic waves of April”) perfectly. They are yet another confirmation of what is happening in our world right now, and therefore also what could be happening to you. First of all, the entire spread shows me that six out of ten cards are from the Big Arcana. This means that there are big -karmic- influences involved. No ‘daily’ or trivial matters, but a process that has a great impact on us and our society. This, once again, matches the astrological position of the ‘Cardinal Grand Cross’ and the eclipses: we are dealing with a serious transformation here. The results are positive, when we dare to let go of matters that no longer serve us. I will now explain the different cards and their positions in this spread.

De torenOn position 1 (what is happening right now): the Tower. This is definitely a Pluto / Uranus card: how funny now exactly that big square is active these days. The Tower (Pluto-acticity) usually tears it all down, and the lightning flashes on the card (Uranus) causes for this to happen quite sudden. It is the card of the sudden changes, tearing down the familiar foundations.

De keizerThe card on top of that (position 2) tells us something about the influences playing a role. This is also special, because it is a true ‘Capricorn’ card: the Emperor. Norms and values, laws, rules and structures. Pluto (the Tower) is in the position of Capricorn (the Emperor), so you can see for yourself what is being torn down. Especially related to the other cards, this means that the ‘head’ wants to be taken over by the heart (for this, see also the other cards in this spread). This indicates possible sudden changes that have something to do with authorities, rules, old values wanting to change our familiar structures, or even suddenly knock them over. This will also be the trend for the upcoming period.

Pentakels 4On position 3: the Four of Pentacles (from the Small Arcana). This card is positioned on the base of our ‘question’. What happened that caused the situation to manifest itself in the current way? We were / are holding on to old matters too much: to security and possessions. Whether it’s related to money, work, relationships or something else: the fear to let go of it is shown in this card. We can see sort of a ‘scrooge’ clamping himself to the ‘coins’, the security. Change is apparently needed, and this will suddenly end in certain (or all) areas.

On position 4: the Eight of Cups. Position 4 symbolizes the recent past. Many of us have decided -as shown by the figure in the card- to leave something behind. The cuBekers 8ps represent feelings, you can see a gaping hole in the upper line of cups, so there was something missing. The moon (what a coincidence, considering the recent eclipse) shows us we will start looking for a deeper fulfillment; the mountains ahead of us show we do not yet know exactly what awaits us, but that we have decided in any case to leave our situation behind. A departure. This could be a movement (moving to another house), leaving a current relationship, surroundings, family, etcetera. Many of us will recognize this. It could also be a thought that has recently come to mind. However, this card indicates heading towards a new direction.

De doodPosition 5, the present: Death. I myself think this is a beautiful card, because it absolutely indicates a transformation. A situation that will change completely, causing the ‘old’ to be unable to return. Comparable to the caterpillar turning into a butterfly, dancing on the rays of the sun. It could certainly also indicate a physical death, which many of us have to deal with in our surroundings as well: it is also a transformation causing the old to no longer be able to come back. However, usually this card indicates a transformation that will create new life. This is what is going on in our present.

De zegewagenPosition 6, the near future: the Chariot, an absolutely wonderful card. This card indicates the ‘wagon’ will head off towards self-chosen paths. A new future, approached with inner strength. Being independent, autonomy, is what this card tells us. The white and black Sfinx represent Yin and Yang: balance. The figure in the card is pulling the reigns, taking the wheel. He heads off on his journey feeling confident, and the road towards it has already been set in motion. So, because of the transformation we will soon be able to find our own, new lives, while taking the wheel by yourself, deciding your own direction. Freedom and renewal! What this renewal is leading us to, will be shown by the next cards.

Bekers 5Position 7: Five of Cups. Position 7 represents your inner self: what is your take on the situation? We can see a cloaked figure, looking to the left: the past. The cups represent feelings and emotion, and we can see three cups that have been knocked over in the past. The figure is mourning his loss, so it is quite possible you still have some trouble letting go of that past. The card also says (see for yourself) that when you turn around and face the future (on the right) you can see two cups, strongly standing tall. Granting new wishes and opportunities. The advice here may be that you could indeed think about your past, but it will be much more constructive to look at what awaits you in the future. It is truly waiting to fulfill your feelings and your happiness. Because surely, as we have concluded: the old no longer serves us.

Position 8, the surroundings: Ace of Cups. What is happening in our surroundings, that has influBekers Aasence on this situation? The Aces represent a new start, a new feeling in this case (the cups). The overflowing of feelings will be felt by your surroundings more and more. There could be people around you who will get in touch with their deeper feelings more and more, and you will notice it: it could also influence you. There could be a new love in your surroundings who has feelings for you, but it could also indicate a ‘renewed’ feeling within the people around you (family, colleagues). That collectively, we will start listening more to feelings rather than to our heads is a fact. So, this card is also very significant for the current energies.

De dwaasPosition 9, a card telling us something about what we hope for, or fear. In this case, it is most likely about hope, because there is a wonderful and optimistic card positioned here: the Fool. The Fool wants to go out into the world, carefree (look at the abyss ahead of him: he fully trusts and believes he will not fall into it), following his heart. The knapsack indicates ‘little physical ballast’ and his head is directed towards the sun. He sees life in an optimistic way, and sees no danger because he is convinced of his inner strength, his intuition. The white dog is his Earthly guide, representing the right ‘grounding’. A colorful person taking life as it comes. Although named ‘the Fool’, however deep inside ‘the Wise’, knowing his feelings will guide him towards ultimate happiness and authenticity. This is what we want to achieve and hope for.

De geliefdenPosition 10, the final results (and a beautiful card indicating the future): the Lovers. This is the ultimate soul-connection card, the soul mates, Twin Flames, the unique connection we will find when we truly dare to be ourselves, and let go of our fears from the past (the Five of Cups). When we manage to get through the transformation (the Tower, Death), and dare to be who we truly are (the Fool), we can achieve this in this time. Even the astrological positions show us that right now, it is strongly about the right relationships and soul-connections. The ultimate connection that will help the world transform and elevate towards commitment instead of separation. How beautiful is it, that this is the card showing us what awaits us! And how to get there, is shown in this entire spread, this Celtic cross.

Now, I will draw another five cards asking what we could do to get through this difficult phase as strong as possible, and what it will lead us too. Sort of a ‘line of development’. I often work in this intuitive way, and allow the cards to tell the story. These are the five cards that I drew, in order:

lijn der ontwikkeling april 2014– the Devil
– the Wheel of Fortune
– the Knight of Wands
– the High Priestess
– the Two of Cups

In a nutshell, this line answers the question as to how to get through all this in the best way.
• let go of the past and the fears that imprisoned you (the Devil)
• realize and know that anything we do is created by ourselves, and that all is transitory. Life is an everlasting cycle constantly asking us to adapt to change, and cause and consequence are one (Wheel of Fortune)
• start taking action: show this fiery Knight. Do so with passion and focus, find your goals and go for it (the Knight of Wands)
• allow your intuition to guide you, because actually, everything you want and suits you, is already known within your subconsciousness (even though you cannot see it yet). This High Priestess is carrying the Tora (which means ‘the secret’) under her arm, and subconsciously she knows about it. Follow your intuition and your subconsciousness, and you will get where you are supposed to be. Look inside, and go for the passion and your goals.
• Find the connection with your ‘other’ which is based on mutual respect and love. This Two of Cups card is equal to the Lovers card, but this card is from the Small Arcana. The Earthly and every day kind. It is sealed by the winged lion with two entangles snakes (the Caduceus) that have become one.
Enjoy this phase and follow your own path. A path that suits you and allows you to develop yourself into full bloom, towards your very own core, using you very own and unique talents!

©Irma Schiffers 2014

Voor advies of tarotconsult: je kunt mij bellen op mijn nieuwe eigen lijn, samen met vier collega’s: Je kunt daar zien of ik beschikbaar ben.

Translation in English: Thanks to Angave, Spiritual Awareness




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