Column: Soap- or air bubble news?

nederlandse vlag


Rutte pinokkioThat the philosopher’s stone is not the same stone from our Prime Minister Mark Rutte as he promised the Dutch people ‘to turn every stone’ after the disaster with flight MH17, should be really clear by now. Several countries begin to “leak”, said Rutte and of course you can expect it when you throw the first stone while your own slate is not clean either.

The newsroom RTL was able, after its own investigation, to lay hands on the nondisclosure brief-australië-aan-RTL-MH17-screenshotdeal in which has been decided that no information about the inquiry may be revealed. The veto of e.g. co-defendants from Kiev, while ‘involved’ party Malaysia was excluded from involvement in the investigation, even more so indicates that this whole thing is extremely suspicious and it stinks tremendously.

That Mark Rutte stays obviously in a state of lower consciousness is even more evident when he announces that we are still going to get tax relief because “that’s our instinct,” he said at the autumn conference of the VVD in Amsterdam. Animal instinct and human intuition are quite different, Mr. Rutte! The difference is made by the ‘heart’. Anyway, we already knew; the use of heartless terminology in the Dutch political arena is nothing new. “Under the leadership of the (rightwing) VVD, the Dutch economy is back on steam”. Yes, that is true. The steam is almost blown out of the boiling cauldron by now. The terminology of these ‘men’ shows the underlying political agenda, and it is only more visible, but about this psychological rule they have obviously no clue.

He has reserved one million euro for the election campaign for the Provincial Council in 2015. I do not know, but I think he has already started with that campaign with his so-called “instinctive” tax cut. I am just wondering whether we are falling into the trap this time. We’re going to see what happens in 2015.

That reduction of the tax money, they collect it mainly first through the savings of our citizens. RTL reminds us that “the government steals every year 1.2% of your savings. The savings rate in the Netherlands is therefore to 1% and even lower. Soon, probably even negative, even for households. Inflation, despite efforts of the ECB ‘only’ 1% inflation per year, the ECB would prefer to see 2% inflation each year. The government still ‘thinks’ you get 4% interest rate, it steals 30% of its charge, which is 1.2% of your savings lost to theft. Soon we will pay interest when you decide to park your savings in the bank. So it starts to re-appear that you better have a loan and debt and that’s been advocated for so long, that we’re now going from crisis to crisis.

Mark Rutte tegen Putin 'En nou ga jij doen wat ik zeg'

‘and now listen to me and act as fast as possible’

But that governments everywhere nowadays ‘instinctively’ talk like fish through ‘air bubbles’ is additionally clear from other newsflashes. In the EU, they discuss about the safety of potholders and in Belgium soon the lights go out. The government will then determine whether you can wash and ironing in moments of crisis, while those same governments for years illegitimate are engaged in white-wash and smooth-practices, which is precisely the reason for this crisis. While they meanwhile are showing their teeth to Russia so they take the risk for stopping gas supplies to Europe. Then Groningen should probably perish and again we can see the houses sinking into the ground over there. Perhaps Rutte therefore now already starts blowing some soap bubbles with the reserved 1 million. Just keeping up appearances to the people!

How crazy can it be. As I wrote in the previous article, In Japan they will create a new ‘Atlantis’. And for Japan that is perhaps not such a bad idea to protect you a little bit against the tons of radioactive waste after the Fukushima nuclear reactor has begun permanently vent it’s gall. At least you will see no living fish or sharks anymore peeking in through the windows of your brandnew ‘aquarium’-house.

haaiMaybe also a nice idea for Florida, because I imagine that you are sitting in your house of glass, and then such a cozy tourist-eating, great white shark is passing by. Putting his white little teeth against the glass and transforms it in a nutshell to frosted glass. After all, it is looking through the window at some lovely tasty meals at a buffet dinner. It is finally eat or to be eaten in this world, it turns out again and again.

Speaking of innovation! So we are going to the moon, or we dive under water, because we all have made a mess of this planet. Here in the Netherlands we otherwise make no effort for such underwater project because there are enough houses and properties so-called ‘underwater’ from a mortgage-technical point of view. While the residents for the same reason be aground and they already go to the bottom. Atlantis, here we come!

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