Christmas columns and December-talk

kerstkaart 2015 blogWe are back in the dark days before ChristmasPersonally for me it is hard to find difference between these dark days around Christmas and the dark days of the past year. Do you? I feel that I’m surrounded with a lot of darkness on this planet and I’m searching for the light switch but that is sometimes also hard to find

It is still quite a mess  in the world and that is to be continued! In 2015, we still have to face a lot more complicated matters, but looking back we can say that  many lies and untruth did come to the surface. And there is much more coming to the light!

Meanwhile, all readers of this blog know how about the policy in Russia and how it is put together, what their plans are for now and in the future, that Russia is trying to prevent a war and to enter into dialogue in all fairness. The translation in Dutch of the press conference from Putin on the 14th December is almost finished (60 pages). The West will be, as to be expected, politically tougher and harder and it will be difficult to open to a normal dialogue without bombs and bullets. Let’s send a signal that we reject this behaviour  and want to solve these problems much more diplomatic and more humane.

The 500-page report on the horrific tortures by the US, which has recently been published will have significant consequences. And it will not end there. George Bush Jr. has been recently canceled a visit to Switzerland because he can face his arrest. That will really happen sooner or later.

That reminds me of a number of “columns” from 2011 and I‘m going two reveal two of them for you, because it’s almost Christmas. My publisher will hopefully not mind! George Bush was repeatedly subject in my book, that recently appeared  in the US and the UKFortunately, I was not planning to travel to the US. :-)

Here they are for you:  ‘Santa Claus’  and the other column ‘Illuminated Christmas spirit‘, as some relaxation in the Christmas spirit.

kerstkaart 2009-def

(Blacksmoke Bonzi:) Would Irma not mind that we left her alone with Christmas? Redsmoke Roxy: We care for her whole year, at last we are on holiday!

I wish you all on forehand a lovely Christmas. Hang in there, stay in the light and most of all, try to laugh a bit more about ourselves.  For that reason I am fond of columns;   making fun of the ridiculous things that are going on this mad world is a nice way to give expression to frustration in a peaceful way.

And finally, to all colleagues of the alternative news-sites: let’s continue with our efforts to bring the other side of the news, so that 2015 goes down in history as the year of the positive big shift!


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