Column: how to get airplay at NOS-news?

TarikThe state propaganda machine ‘NOS’ is not to everyone’s taste. That has been obvious for a while. And so it suddenly came to happen that someone with a fake weapon runs in to take over the News-bulletin for ten, maybe fifteen minutes to tell a different story. Nothing is what it seems, but this is how it ‘seems’ to be happened in the studio.


That in itself is not such a strange idea when you are watching the most disgusting kinds of mud that they are throwing over you with their warlike propaganda, premature accusations of other countries like Russia and the withholding of important political and public information. But whether it should be done like this? Threaten some people with a gun, while they are working? Who came up with this bizarre plot?

When this young man really is a part of a hacker group, such as Anonymous,n-ANONYMOUS-large it would have been better if he, with or without his masked companions, remotely had caused a shut down so they could get some airplay from out of their own studio. This seems all very clumsy to me.

I think it’s a sad world. People are not heard anymore, it is all about money and the practice of politics which only serves the banks, the rich and the elite. At these cases you should never look at the implications, but you need to focus on the cause. Why did this happen? There’s no rebel without a cause, isn’t it? Controlling the symptoms has little to no sense.

We can wait for the fact that politicians are trying to curb our scope. This boy, who might have had idealistic motives regarding world peace, will probably go to prison, but he is not the only one. The freedom of the entire population has been restricted and imprisoned and will be galling bonds, concerning our Government.

They need to found a culprit soon so that the mandate to carry out their inhumane and secret agenda is justified. I wonder how they come up with a list in the next few days or weeks.

molereturnsThe program ‘The Mole’ was cancelled through this incident. In fact it became a real and live episode of The Mole including a complete ‘wild west scene’. You can figure it out for yourself who really is the Mole with this big ‘new group of candidates’; in this time of cover-ups, and while things are concealed and distorted by our media. I already know who will be ‘the real Mole’ that they are going to expose in the next episode; the one that triggered this guy and armed him with his (fake-) weapon….

Vladimir Putin!

© Irma Schiffers


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