Column: Tinfoil hats and falling ‘Birds’

Eureka-Moments-in-Your-BusinessWe are conspiracists.
We are ‘tinfoil hats’.
Yes, we are paranoid ‘conspiracy-nuts’.
Because we don’t believe the corporate media. Some of us ‘not any longer’, others just ‘NOT’.
We have just been given brains to think. The left brain for the logical and analytical work when we need to solve a problem and try to link some pieces with each other that seemingly have nothing to do with each other.
To associate is how they call this phenomenon. And the right brain ‘feels’ and we will experience creative solutions and ideas and is capable of using a huge source of intuition that in some cases will lead to an ‘Eureka-yell’

We are conspiracists, because we are able to combine those hemispheres  (associate) so they can work together, because we recognize them and dare to listen to them both, so that we hear our inner voice and not just a part of our total being, which we learned to do at school and nowadays through newspapers and news on TV; but also through the ‘teachings’ of the Government who tries to impose us with psy-ops. Our tinfoil hats, offered for free by the outside world, keep falling from our heads, caused by the energetic vibrations when the synergy is at work. But unfortunately, no Eureka-feeling…!

How can you call out ‘Eureka’ when you ‘feel’ that there is no plane that crashed on a mountain in France, after the fact that some so-called foolish young man let his collegue disappear from out of the cockpit and committed suicide, thereby took along 150 other victims and much more, because his family and beloved ones got a sort of ‘life sentence’ with mourning, while your fellowman with that tiny little used leftbrain is calling from the couch, in front of the TV that this is the real fact, because that’s what he is told by that same corporate, controlled newsmedia.

How can you call ‘Eureka’ when you ‘know’ in one little second that plane MH17 definitately is not downed by Vladimir Putin and his so called remote controlled soldiers, while we see more and more look-alikes from him, and our pointing governments are plainly deceive us  after installing a nazist and fascist regime in Ukraine. so they can at last have their so desired world war after their attempt to demonize this leader in the Western world?

Why should you shout ‘Eureka’ when a plane disappeared from the radar, while you ‘know’ that it will never appear again, but the profits are for the  banksters, and you know they use remote-control techniques by the same powers that be (were) and who are constantly committing crimes against humanity and therefore are trying out their weapons of mass-destruction so in the meantime they can economically hit those who tried to sentence them and bring them to Court?

How does an ‘Eureka’ sounds when it comes from an emotionally constricted throat when you see at once the whole picture from completely vaporized towers, constructed from out the hardest steal, while just two of them are hit by planes by a pilot from another country who has nothing to do with this, (it was very efficiëntly planned before) but this country is still suffering from bombs and a criminal war and lost thousands of people, including innocent civilians and kids?

I don’t want to shout ‘Eureka’ anymore. The only thing I want is a very, very truthful ‘Eureka-answer’ to several questions, of which we are allowed to ask to the thieves of our own earned money; to the lyars, the rulers who poison us with GMO’s and toxics that fall out of the sky at the exact moment we become aware of a blue sunny sky; those who squander us like pigs when they recently signed a paper, called TTIP, a free-trade agreement, they screwed us without the need of a screwdriver found in a blackbox with cover-ups and in the meantime humanity is dragged into the one war after another while war raged for so long in our hearts because of the betrayal and the continuous cuts in favor of the 1% who owe almost everything now and dare to proclaim: no money, ‘no rights, even drinking water is no natural basic right’. Jobs are disappearing by the day, unemployment-numbers are sky high because they prefer to use robots and are manufacturing more and more gadgets that are toxic by their microwaves and we are forced to buy this stuff, otherwise you are becoming outcast; no bankaccount or shop soon will longer serve you when you want to pay cash, so no participation in society?

I would like to watch television again, because somebody is broadcasting a film about our true history, like it really was and the way I ‘knew’ inside from a very young age, the reason why I met troubles with my history teacher and others as they called me a dreamer all the time, but an intelligent one, therefore inconvenient.
I really want answers to those questions. No sorry…, I want ‘confirmation’ of all the answers I already know, just like many others, and like themselves, because they are the ones who cause these questions day by day, in this icy (world)climate.

No stop,   I don’t want an answer from that which is calling itself ‘Government’, from those who don’t know the word Eureka anyway, cause the only thing they can do is perform their raunchy political policy with the left brain, ignoring the right brain, and closed their hearts hermetically before they sent it to a safe box where all our money and gold is secretly kept; a satanistic imperium with cover-ups and rugs to hide all the painful issues.

Anf yet I had an Eureka-moment today.. Because I helped a fellowman with a personal crisis today, not with money, neither with gold, just by sensing, overview, insights, answers, and most of all love, straight out of my heart. Soon the day will come that we all may experience this again. A day that the real conspiracies are coming to the surface and that those are going to be unmasked. They will get the chance to choose to be on our side again, wholehearted or they are travelling to their hearts, hidden in their treasure houses where they left all the gold and the money.

Then it’s raining answers everywhere! Who may feel to many as hailstones (cognitive dissonance). So you better in advance put your tinfoil hats on!

©Irma Schiffers


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