Summary Grand Jury Day 6, part 1 (NL subs)

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Grand Jury Dag 6In this first summary of the last day of the Grand Jury presentations (Day 6) you will get a full insight into the real agenda of the World Economic Forum, the trilateral commission, the UN etc. Where are we heading, what does Sustainable Development really mean, what does biodiversity actually mean for us, but especially for those who dominate the world? Why don’t we know/knew this?

What does transhumanism really mean and how has humanity so far been able to escape genetic modification, where plants and animals have been genetically engineered or modified for much longer -often without us knowing it?

Klaus Schwab knows and tells it all and explains it simply; implants in people and total control over body and mind: ‘you’ll own nothing, but will be happy’.  Is this true? But how does gene therapy and an mRNA injection relate to genetic modification of our DNA in this ‘corona crisis?’ It’s all explained in this summary.

Click below for the first video-compilation of Day 6:  (44’47”) English spoken/Dutch subs

Foto Dag 6 deel 1

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