A dream and Putin’s speech (dec. 4th) translated again

I had a dream …

No, this time not a quote from Martin Luther King. Last week I had a real dream, interrupted by awakenings, but it went on as soon as I fell asleep again. And you may find it weird, I was in Russia and Vladimir Putin was in the lead. We looked, we talked and we saw the world as it is, as it was and as it could be in the near future. I felt his limits, imposed by the outside world, but also a certain self-confidence because he has a complete overview of all things going on in the world. Much more than the other leaders who are busy at a low energy frequency where power, force and money is the guiding principle. Edgar Cayce might indeed prove again to be right after he once predicted that the changes in the world would come from Russia. I saw it quite clear in that dream; it could just be that way.

Almost bizarre, because I felt a like-mindedness, familiarity and shared knowledge of the past. Perhaps, I thought, is this the reason why I started studying Russian in my own past, without getting a rational explanation. It seemed then again one of my many educational digressions. That is strange way to wake up, I can asure you, especially when you put your feet on the cold floor to start the day and go with the flow.

Putin 4 dec

Photo: the Presidential Press and Information Office

But what happened, that apparently directly incited me to read another speech from Vladimir Putin, which he held on December 4th. A kind of ‘State of the Union’. And because I again discovered – while reading- that he appoints business in a way that we will not encounter in the west, I decided to ‘again’ translate this one for anyone who has some difficulty with English or Russian language. In this case no 44 pages, but “only” 20. And this is what it made accessible to report regarding his domestic but also world politics in the coming years.

Here a few statements of importance: (for the complete version, click below on the link)
[“….All of this allows us to say that Crimea, the ancient Korsun or Chersonesus, and Sevastopol have invaluable civilisational and even sacral importance for Russia, like the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for the followers of Islam and Judaism….”]
“This year we faced trials that only a mature and united nation and a truly sovereign and strong state can withstand. Russia has proved that it can protect its compatriots and defend truth and fairness. ”

It’s a pity of course that for political reasons they are unable to fully protect the people of Ukraine, because any attempt to do so shall result in immediate unleashing the Third World War. How often we have recently been able to see and hear our propagandistic mainstream media telling us that Russia continuously declares a war to Ukraine, from out of observations? Western media would like to, because then they have ‘their war’ that apparently needs to start anyway.

Besides, how nice would it be if our Prime Minister Mark Rutte would speak those words and protect its compatriots and defend untruth and unfairness? And that he would defend us against the inhuman, warlike and imperialistic politics of the US, instead of backing their politics in a very undemocratic way, while in the meantime selling out our country for the sake of this policy?

Putin continues: “As I mentioned, in the case of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, there was no dialogue at all. We were told that it was none of our business or, to put it simply, we were told where to go..

And “There is also a question of why all this was done in Ukraine? What was the purpose of the government coup? Why shoot and keep shooting and killing people? In fact, the economy, finance and the social sector were destroyed and the country ruined.. What Ukraine currently needs is economic assistance in carrying out reforms, not petty politics and pompous empty promises. However, our Western colleagues don’t seem eager to provide such assistance, while the Kiev authorities are not willing to address the challenges their people are facing.

Another piece, showing again that he knows that ‘the elite’ is pulling the strings:

How did the dialogue on this issue begin between Russia and its American and European partners? I mentioned our American friends for a reason, since they are always influencing Russia’s relations with its neighbours, either openly or behind the scenes. Sometimes it is even unclear whom to talk to: to the governments of certain countries or directly with their American patrons and sponsors.”

Very remarkable is that where the elite is just rolling out an agenda that will lead to a huge reduction of the population, Putin tells about their population-growth and to take into account the same growth for the future.

In his speech, he addressed to all colleagues and citizens to create a strong economic and social autonomy for the next few years to become more independent without suffering too much under sanctions for example so they can not threaten Russia.

” I repeat that Russia will be open to the world, cooperation, foreign investment and joint projects. But we must above all see that our development depends primarily on us”.

About the social aspect of society he includes:


Russias Roman Petushkov celebrates his gold medal

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi played an enormous role in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Once again, I’d like to congratulate our Olympians on their success.
Of course, the kindest words go to the Paralympic athletes. Friends, you have become true heroes of Russia. Largely thanks to you, attitudes towards people with disabilities have undergone a dramatic change. I’m convinced that our society will become truly united when we provide equal opportunities to everyone.

Government programmes must include measures to provide vocational training and employment opportunities to people with disabilities and create a barrier-free environment in all spheres of life. I suggest extending the Accessible Environment programme to 2020. We also need to create a modern domestic industry to manufacture goods for people with disabilities, including devices for physical therapy and rehabilitation.”

Putin about gifted children: “It should be noted that the national final school exam has allowed gifted children from remote towns and villages and low-income families to apply to the nation’s best universities.

Talented children are a valuable asset of the nation, and we need to provide additional support to young people who show an aptitude for technology, liberal arts or inventing at an early age, who have achieved success in national or international academic and professional contests, and have patents or publications in academic journals. We have many such young people.”

I quit quoting here, because I would recommend to read the entire speech and judge for yourself.

Again: accurate, truthful and complete information is needed to create a healthy society. And you for yourself may wonder who does NOT want to be truthful, and who benefits from disinformation and lies, and especially why…

© Irma Schiffers

All articles on this site are voluntary written for ‘humanity’ and may be republished, provided the author’s rights are acknowledged


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