About Russia, VS, Japan, BRICS and the dollar

We still do not hear very positive news about Russia. And yet it seems that in particular that country is the main reason that we are still not involved in WW3. Again, I posted an interview with Vladimir Putin and the German ARD in Dutch. This time not translated by myself, but I  am allowed to republish this from a fellow blogger, I’m grateful for that. I still want to repeat that it is very important for us all to be well informed. See that interview here in English.

On the 21st of November, the UN voted about a Russian-led resolution, with an agreement between the countries regarding more effective action against Nazism and racist ideologies. Only the United States, Canada and Ukraine voted against it! Where are we going with humanity, I’m wondering...? You can read more about it on this page that I have translated into Dutch and you can read the English version here.

While I was busy translating again, I thought the following message is so important that I will post it here also in Dutch. More often, I wrote about the passionate journalist benjamin_fulford_3Benjamin Fulford and his friend David Wilcock. Both men are striving for a better world and have information from a broad range of sources. Benjamin  and David provide information about the progress of the changes. They are very important and we barely hear or read somewhere about it, and surely not in the ‘mainstream media-propaganda machine’. Read this interesting article and for those who want to read it in English, you can read the article on the original source. David Wilcock regularly comments to the Articles of Benjamin and that is what he has done also this time. See here the original article and Davids’ response.  Let’s keep the faith!

Benjamin Fulford: Pentagon ready to take action as US Nazionist rogue regime now totally isolated


 And David Wilcocks’ comment here:DavidWilcock


You can follow both for news and updates on:

Benjamin Fulford   and   David Wilcock



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