And the Ebola-soap continues… (column)

Sometimes you burst into a laugh with the fear-promoting propaganda, and when it was not so sad we probably would. The whole circus on TV and in the mainstream media is created by the corrupted politicians  to scare and frighten humanity for this deadly disease. After all, the EU countries and our political puppets in The Hague are still marching on, dutifully following all those ‘warmongers’ while they let thousands of people die in forced quarantaines. And what worries me the most is the fact that the US took a patent for the ebola-virus in 2009! (see here) Is that really a coincidence?

Have you seen the video below? It is a ridiculous spectacle, especially when you have any medical background or knowledge about the strict protocols of infectious diseases such as Ebola. What you see here is a puppet theater which is decorated with a diminutive false flag.

The editors of the news-site´Gewoon-nieuws´, sent this video without any further explanation to a medical expert, and she made immediately clear that this is fiction and make-believe because this is really impossible. But if you look closely you will conclude the same.

An Ebola patient arrives by plane in Spain. There is a whole team in orange suits to carry the patient downstairs, while a team in white protective suits are waiting for the ambulance.

The commentator speaks of a ‘very disturbing video´ and ´all medical experts who are watching this video, know that this is a hoax. It is visibly a military operation and as you can see from the video the white men are saluting to the driver of the ambulance. In the isolation chamber you do not see anyone really alive, but whatever it is, it is mouse-still. What you see is that the infusion just dangles on the outside, no pump, nothing else. Seems  creepy, or they just want everyone to get infected. Reminds me of the serious question how the United States expect to get their 3000 soldiers back home after sending them to the infected area? In a little house of six boards (a coffin), or as walking sources of infection to decimate the population in a split second.

When the door opens you will see two military pilots and they are “unprotected”. They probably forgot to put on their masks and protective suits. They hired several ambulances and police cars for this media circus to show that the Ebola has arrived to attack you.

When you add up that a vaccination program is being done by TEKMIRA Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals, just received a 1.5 million dollar from none other than ´our ´
friend´ Monsanto (see the press release) to a vaccination program, I really do not trust it even more. But that’s not all. In addition, there is also a signed contract with the US-military for a contribution of $ 140 million for treatment against Ebola.

I would say, see it for yourself and maybe you need to get rid of any anxiety, so you are not being receptive for some poisonous injection at short notice. There are already too many children who became autistic after MMR vaccination and in recent days Syrian children died after measles vaccinations. You’ve been warned!

© Irma Schiffers  (For more English articles, click here)

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