Beyond the darkness…

Where fot God’s sake are we going to? Will there be another new land in sight? Are we there yet? How far more do I have to go or for how long? I can feel the changes, but I do not see any manifesting! It is the energy of the moment that leads to these thoughts and questions, and they sound like a monotone mantra.

Are we tired? Are we tired to have hassle finances, whining and struggling in relationships with partners, with family, and experiencing no fun in our daily work? It seems like this is the case everywhere around me though. Everyone needs to push themselves to make it through and it seems that the fatigue is attacking us and smashes us straight in the face. It is therefore  that we need to abandon ourselves.

I hear about wakfulness while I was suffering from it myself, indeed, and missed a lot of sleep, on the other hand I hear about a lot of sleeping or being Willy-nilly. When does the new future arise?” is the most asked question. I can only say, “Well,  once you‘re ready for it and know what you want on a deep (soul-)level.” And that is clear for everyone, but it seems increasingly to advance to yeah, what? What exactly are we waiting for?

Questions, questions, questions. I experience this stage in which we now find ourselves as ‘a calm before the storm’, because that it’s going to “storm” is for certain. And this time not only in a glass of water. The carpets of mother earth are quite shaken; are no longer paved and the raise of dust makes noise, it is really almost what we called a mysterious time. We want a fresh start, but  help! It’s still a little foggy.

In another article I wrote that the gate to the new life that we create for ourselves is narrow as the eye of the needle, so for backpacks from the past is no place. So we are now just in the phase of ‘letting go’ and that can hurt. Try to let go of work, relationships, friendships, money, or house; everything that no longer serves you, or feels like heavy weight in our backpacks, we must dare to let it go in peace. To leave the stuff with gratitude as an overloaded backpack filled with educational material that we have concluded with an exam. We now know and have learned those lessons! Passed with success…

And ‘the new’ steps can be filled with fear because it is unknown. With feelings of anxiety while we know that we are longing for it. It is just a time of ambivalence, a sense of living in two worlds. The people that call me, recognize it all.

Walking the path of feaFacebook tekst katr will just make you grow and in the end will produce a lot of confidence. And the confidence we obtain gives us the autonomy that we yearn for. The path of fear is the way of the victor! Many will be moving to new places, or even another country for a new start. Don’t see it as a problem but rather as a challenge and as a new and exciting adventure. There is no path, you ARE the path. Creating it step by step.

For a long time we are ruled by the chaos in ourselves and in the world around us. A chaos shrouded in darkness as we try to find the light. While it is actually available, you only need to remember that you will really find it despite the painful memories of the past. Let them come out in the open to release it.  After all, we all know this: wherever is light, darkness can not exist.

© Irma Schiffers


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