Book ‘So What Can I Do’ from Kim Ekman available in Dutch!

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kim-ekmanIn an earlier article I announced to be busy with the translation of the book from Kim Kamala Ekman ‘So What Can I Do?’ That part is ready and this book is now available in Dutch with the title: ‘En Wat Kan Ik Doen?’

We interviewed Kim Ekman a few months ago about her book and you can watch this English spoken interview below, also with (or without) Dutch subs. She is a concerned mother, Yoga teacher and she lives with Ole Dammegård. Because of Ole’s investigative work she had to deal with inconvenient information about the world and in politics and therefore she decided to research things for herself, but also for similar others who seems to be drowning in the propaganda and lies from the media, but also really want to know the truth. Kim had this in mind and in my opinion she has succeeded well.

Kim interviewed 8 researchers and inspirational speakers as David Icke, Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, Ole Dammegård, and Cynthia McKinney, an activist from out of VS politics and she clearly reveals the Deep State, working behind the scenes.

Kim asked all of these inspired people the same questions:

    • When did you start exploring your field, was there a specific event that led you to this path of waking up?
    • How do you see the world today in terms of the challenges facing us?
    • Does it matter if we vote or not?
    • What are your thoughts about money and the global banks?
    • What do you think about the debt-based economy in which people are stuck, and is there a way out?
    • We have started to read and hear about microchipping people. What does that mean?
    • What are your thoughts about depopulation?
    • What is your opinion on vaccines? And is vaccination part of the depopulation question?
    • What are GMOs?
    • Do chemtrails exist, and if so, how would you describe them?
    • Please share your thoughts about the environment and the current weather conditions.
    • Do you have a practice that keeps your spirits high?
    • When I see the madness around me, I feel hopeless. Can you suggest some ways that would help me regain my trust in the future and how to act to make a positive change?
    • If you could plant one seed in the mainstream mind, what would that be?

All of the eight respondents are giving clear, comprehensive and direct answers. It is a fantastic book for beginners in the kaftawakening but also for awakened people to get a clear sight on all those serious issues in the various areas. For me it was a valuable reason to translate it since June 2016 and the result is a book, available for everyone.

You can order the book in Dutch at,.and the English version here.
We want to be of help for people who prefer to buy the Dutch version in the Netherlands, so you can order a Dutch copy at our new professional Dutch Media outlet: De Vrije Media (The Independent Media).

Only for the Dutch version, mail to: for your order.

See here our interview with Kim Ekman. Eventually with Dutch subs, you can activate it below in the screen on the right.

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