Brussel: James Corbett and Ole Dammegård (video’s)

Brussel, the heart of EuropAs I promised to my Dutch visitors I translated (with Dutch subs) the video of the interview with Ole Dammegård from last week about the Brussel-attacks. So I did, but of course for foreign visitors: they are English spoken, so you can ‘listen’ to those video’s.

Ole met kuikentjes

Have been labelled a ‘modern day terrorist’ by David Cameron and his gang, have been tracked by intelligence services and had death threats… A bit weird, wouldn’t you say? (Ole Dammegard)

James Corbett (from came also with a video about the secret agenda of the powers that be (or ‘were’) ;-)  Also translated and with Dutch subs.

Very important video’s in my humble opinion, so watch it yourself, connect the dots and stay awake. Maybe the madness will stop one day by just saying ‘stop’ with the 99%.


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