Can we give up control?

What exactly is control? And exert control? And want to preserve? In fact, it is nothing else than to hold on to anything in our experience. Our perception has learned or experienced something, and we relate the new experience to it again. So it is always related to the past and always something outside ourselves! And we are now living on the threshold of the new future. The portal for this is in front of you and is completely open. It’s up to you whether you want to entrance and go through. Back through the control of your own life.

Facebook quoteIf we abandon the principle of control and we ” dare to feel ” as if we exist today for the first time, then there is nothing to relate to, and we can just act from out of our feelings, being happy and going to organize our lives. All that is in our backpacks may be the reason that we can’t take a new step today; it is the control mechanism why we don’t go for it. ‘Thinking’ we can’t do it! And that really starts wringing now.

There is currently, with this shifting of energy, no place for the past and our ‘views and principles which are out of date. The smash you get in your daily life in the area of ​​finances, relationships, health, sudden death, etc. could be tough and can be even harder. So we (hopefully!) are awake. And who is not, will be awakened with the same punch again. The energy is completely renewed.

Are we able to let go of control?  I give a few concrete examples from out of my daily work: ‘I want to start this new study or look for another job, but do I still get some money from my previous boss? ‘ Or ‘I want to be with my greatest love who happens to be my soulmate, but first my partner have to let me go without threatening me in one way or another, is he/she going to let me free? These are things that control our lives, the power of the other which was also born out of fear. If we answer that behaviour with the same fear,  we are victims and therefore we are also the culprit of our own unhappiness. In addition, we also are helpers for keeping the fear of the other in that same state and they also can’t grow. Ever thought about this? It is a circle with no end.

Take a look at the example in previous articles. I show you that we are ‘controlled’ by a small and dominant elite by a view examples. An elite that is greedy for money and power, in total control of the earth and all living things. Pure for their own profit. A Dutch TV-newsprogram recently demonstrated that only 85 people are among the richest people in the world and half the earth belongs to them! And hence control the Geo – engineering (chemtrails) and thus the weather in the world, banks, governments, radiation, press and media, big pharma, etc.

So there is exercised control on all of us. We must do this, we must do that, and there is still more of ‘should do that’ because we are financially robbed. The money is reprinted over and over again, while there is nothing in return. There’s no guarantee or deposit. Who finds joy to be with nature, or is just happy everyday with their ultimate partner, or in their job, using the talents without any obligation?

Just because you like it?

In this Age of Aquarius now it is high time to renew and we NOW have the choice. Because we are so controlled in life, by the government, which in turn are controlled by the elite, so we need to check this out for ourselves. So macro, so micro, and vice versa. We make the change for ourselves by checking this mechanism in which we play the ‘ role of a

victim’ .

We want to control from the head, to insure that everything remains as it always was. And that goes wrong in this time, faster and faster. Remember that we all have a deep desire to return to our true essence, we want our authenticity back ( a capricorn- quality that makes ‘sense’ now in the energy) See this astrological article from Manuela van der Knaap for 2014. The rulerplanet of Capricorn is Saturn ( also for the Aquarius by the way) and that principle  now wants to be manifested. Our karmic lessons did learn us this principle of authenticity and we now have a desire to reach the top of the mountain.

If we now consider releasing control in our own lives, it doesn’t  matter what someone else does, say or think, and we take our own strength (power) back, then you’ll find that you don’t want another exerts power over you anymore. You recognize manipulation and dominant behaviour of the other. Besides, they act always from out of fear and impotence, because they do not dare to manifest in wholeness itself. But when we “unplug” there is no power anymore, and you also don’t need to manipulate others. You just ‘are’ and  live ‘ yourself . You are going from ‘doing’  to ‘being’ as a human-‘being’.


The news of the mainstream media are completely controlled from within that elite. Often enough in the past few years, I saw a message appear that made me glad, because it contained the truth about what is really going on. Two hours later the message was gone. Luckily I was going to save those articles because I knew beforehand that they would disappear. Posts I used for written my book later on. So I saw many examples of fraud and corruption in my life that made me going to discover and manifest from out of love and compassion.

The news of the alternative media is awakening us and we discover in short who we really are and always have been through the ages. And a lot of people will leave this planet. Something you see frequently in this year. This can cause pain, but remember that we choose our own life experiences, or maybe we have made already before, and that choice is our own. Remember that we can choose to live in the darkness of the control (from out of the head) or in the light with our heart every minute of the day. From out of your true self and actual ‘being’ you can create everything when using your intuition. So, as an authentic loving being you meet a happy life, with the ones that really fit you. The choice is yours !

©Irma Schiffers  2014

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