Chemtrails and geoengineering exposed!

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chemtrails are not a conspiracy Chemtrails.
Solar Radiation Management (SRM).
Stratospheric aerosol injection.

And there are many more terms for these dirty, annoying stripes from airplanes. We hear the common counter-argument “those are just contrails all the time and everywhere. Especially from the weatherman or lady at the end of every news-bulletin. They are so brainwashed that they come up with weird fairytales in the weather forecast like ‘atmospheric humidity is causing contrails all the time’. Sweet dreams ladies and gentlemen!

But unfortunately, contrails could have something to do with atmospheric humidity, but they disappear after a few seconds. The fact that in reality our blue skies are poisoned with chemicals is being ignored and although there are honest scientists who are speaking the truth about geoengineering, it doesn’t matter. Most of the time they don’t suffer from the chemicals for long, because they suddenly ‘live’ a few levels deeper under the surface in a small house of six boards.

For example -and I hope he is still alive and kicking- Dr. Matthew Watson from the University of Bristol; he told the Daily Mail that he’s “terrified” by many of the geoengineering projects started to thwart man-made climate change, a phenomenon being hawked as an excuse for weather modification programs by many in mainstream science as a ‘threat to humanity.’ He worked on a $2.8 million weather manipulation project of the exact type that he says he is so afraid of.chemtrailsexpose

For all deniers and those who can not even perceive (through cognitive dissonance), I put this article together. Last week I worked again on the translation of a video by James Corbett, who had a rather informative talk with Peter A. Kirby. Peter Kirby released a book after extensive research, entitled “Chemtrails exposed; A New Manhattan Project.

In this video you can also listen and watch to John Brennan from the CIA who speaks freely about geoengineering. Peter Kirby explains, among other things, the New Manhattan Project. The video is English spoken, but I also added Dutch subs. (34’00”)

But I also received -coincidence?- two other recent video’s, that are well worth viewing. One emits a phonecall from a concerned citizen with one of our representatives in the government, while she admits openly that geoengineering exists. ‘That is well known’, she said. ‘But we assume that it happens on a very limited scale.’ Sweet dreams again! By the way, it is Dutch spoken but with English subs. A reason for Dane Wigington of Geoengineering to add the video on his website.

The third video is from another concerned citizen who reported her concerns to the police and she made a declaration. The police officer is also concerned as he agrees with her, so he is interested and is following the case closely.  This video is also translated and subtitled in English.

Enough to watch and to listen for now. Fleeing is no longer an option.
Nor denying!

James Corbett in gesprek met Peter A. Kirby (34’00”)

Bezorgde burger in gesprek met milieu-vertegenwoordiger SP

Gesprek van een bezorgde burger met de politie over haar aangifte


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