Chemtrails, the secret war

filmbeeld zonder en met chemtrail

They change old pictures and movies into skies WITH chemtrails, to manipulate our view to the phenomenon as being ‘normal’

Since my latest article about genetically modified food (GMO’s) see here, as promised, the video from the Italian documentary ‘Chemtrails, the secret war’ . On several sites I found the English version (subtitled in English) but it is a ‘must see’ for everyone, so I spend a lot of time to translate it also in Dutch and now you can see the full video with Dutch subtitles.

You will hear a number of researchers and experts explaining what is going on above our heads, which toxins they use while spraying, who is behind it and why it is done. And also about disinformation, the people who get paid by the European Union from our tax money and so on.

Spokesmen in the video say

Disinformation is synonymous with guilty silence, propaganda and determination.
The fiercest are the so-called ‘debunkers’ or deniers or disinformators. They are trained and indoctrinated people to misinform especially in socal networks.
They receive special courses funded by the European Union and some political parties.
Their main purpose is to create confusion, as soon as the internet or elsewhere sharp arguments appear and discredit independent researchers and enlightened citizens
They often present themselves as experts, using the usual principle of authority but if you read their articles and comments, real contradictions can never be found, only policy positions, or more oftentimes, insults and personal attacks.
They seek to delegitimize the debaters accusing them of infamy slandering them without fear of incurring any penalty, because they are protected by the institutions doing misinformation on the environment.

The role of a number of committees which members include intellectuals and prestigious scientists involved in a constant propaganda favoring the system is central
Such as other ‘disinformators’ these specialists do not deny tentatively the facts and the arguments of the other party, but instead recourse to specious considerations and particularly to easy irony, coupled with arrogance and vanity.
When you look closer, the fact is that they always have the interests and privileges to defend in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and ‘environmental regeneration’, chemical industry, military, telecommunications, etc.
particularly gravitating in the academic world with its barons and intrigues with the production companies.
It’s all about collaborations and contracts with public and private companies.

You have been warned when you read such comments on this kind of articles or visions!

What to do? The scientists in the documentary make an appeal:  It may not be too late to reverse the trend: we must try to involve biologists,
medici, chemists, ecologists, serious and honest administrators, asking them to contribute and help with their knowledge and skills
and reach as many people as possible, starting with the neighbor, relatives and friends.
Let’s remember that not only our health but enormous resources confiscated from the general population are at stake
beause the illegal geo-engineering costs, just for Italy alone, as many as 20 million a day!

I’d say, watch and share where you can! Because, as noted in this documentary: “We are gassed like we are rats.” And we ourselves are paying for this! This has to stop before it is too late, so let’s wake up, and stay awake!

The full documentary:


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