Column – Hello, anyone out there?

nederlandse vlag


This slogan is spinning around in my head too often. There’s no point in shouting it out loud as there might be only a few birds listening. Like those seagulls who make you feel like being pathetic with their attacks of sheer laughter while they just didn’t hit you with their excrement when they flew across. And yet I love them, nature is amazing, when you can find it…….

But when I find those “human birds” and when we’re actualy getting a conversation, I can never find a right answer to the question “what do you actually do for a living”? They might remember me as an artist, bass player, painter or even “the sister off” …. But if I really answer that question then the conversation ends before I even realise it. Somewhere in the far distance I can still see a hand waving me a goodbye and somewhere I can hear a voice mumbling, well…see you again!!! And for a living…??? Not even that, full time volunteer, but that’s not bothering me as much.

krantenI wonder how many people are getting a newspaper delivered, like The Guardian or The Telegraph, daily at there homes. Probably most subscribers will use the paper as a TV guide ‘cause thats what people like to be at. What’s on telly and what’s for dinner? So they all rush with the bonuscard to the superstore Albert Heijn, even though this supermarket messed up big time last week with their policy about “Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet. (a very old tradition for young children in Holland) but that’s all forgotten after watching I dont know how many ebola victims, followed by a decapitated tourist like in a perfect Hollywood production. Albert Heijn registers neatly with the bonuscard your eating habits and adds it on to the file at the NSA. So the worldbank can figure out how many years you have left and if they reckon it’s too long and too costly they’ll sent you a bit of “an ebola or so”….or they might have Monsanto to sent you one of your favourite products to your own A-H store. So, you won’t have to eat much longer from the rack (The Europlate) that’s getting smaller and smaller.

But shure it can get crazier than that. If you are worried about what’s on for dinner tonight? I would like to warn you, before you walk away with your arm up waving me a farewell and a bit of a mumble, about this arm. Probably very soon you are obliged to get an ebola vaccination including a chip in your arm. Because there seems to be another whistleblower of the CDC and he warns for this vaccination. (watch here) or is it maybe the courageous Dr. Thompson who revealed the news about BMR-vaccinations causes autism.

Incredible…!!! People are busy with their own inner ‘feel-good’ program, now that’s very understandable ‘cause who doesn’t want to get that “good aul’ feeling” back again? I’ve longed for that feeling for such a long time. But meanwhile, the truth along with democracy fell in an insidious world-war that has been totally ignored! If I’m not already been mistaken for an alien, I’ll certainly feel that way soon!

Maybe I should start searching for the time-traveler Scott, the one I wrote about a while ago. Because traveling in time has its own benefits for example, if you’ve had it with your partner you can go out and walk the dog, once outside, you zap yourself simply into another time period. And who knows, you might find yourself, sitting on the couch beside a completly different person, and if that looks much better than where you came from, then you tell gently from which year you came and carry on with your new life. So don’t say…..Hello, I’m Irma but rather say…. Hello, I’m from 2014!!! (‘When’ are you from???)

Of course I don’t know where the dog actually went. He’ll find his way back I hope, or maybe your Dalmatian is lying at your feet like a wee Maltese Dog because he travelled along with you, along with the black spots. It’s quite adventurous and it saves a lot of hassle that comes along during a divorce, right? There are many easier ways so why don’t we do them, I’m sincerely asking myself.

You know what helps? When financial expert, Willem Middelkoop with his full-length boek ewald engelen engelspresentation about manipulated news, false flag operations, and so on “Nothing is what it seems”, will be broadcasted integral on November 10th at all TV and radio stations. And on the same day, Ewald Engelen’s new book “European Myths “ will be distributed at every single house in the country as a present from your own bank for all the efforts you put in to pay the money back that they have created out of nothing.

It’s maybe then when you leave your dinner for what it is, give your telly to a place for homeless people and get up to do something about it. The fact that we’re soon getting microchipped and even more toxins getting injected and the fact that tens of thousands are being killed by a small number of (legal) criminals is only “A Minor Thing”, I got that point! But if you dare touching our money we’re all out protesting on the street. Money is indeed a sure thing to make people happy.

Nowadays I focus on Saint Glinglin, he always listens. I want to make a few more attempts to shout “Hello, anyone out there?” If that doesn’t work I consider to zap myself with my quadrupeds to 2070! With or without their black spots.

©Irma Schiffers

Translation: Robert Pfeiffer (Many thanks, Robert!)



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