Column: Conspiracythinker or timetraveller…

nederlandse vlag


Dutch singer, songwriter Boudewijn came to visit me today. He wanted to know how (like in his Dutch song ‘The lonely Cyclist’), The lonely cyclist, bent over the handlebars, finds his way. Now, I have no bike. And for the past few months no car either. This was due to the M.O.T. test. It would have cost me about € 1300,- to get it fixed.
Any self employed individual without staff hasn’t got these €uro’s ‘cause our government has squandered our money into the bombs industry and have the F-16 to drop them in a battle against the geographic wise, kind of lost, Israeli Secret Intelligence Service better known as ISIS.

But anyhow this song was about me. How strong I am, while I am bent with a fierce headwind, lonely, trying to find my way through this illusory landscape, it’s a question I’m asking myself every day. I just feel like the time traveller who apparently paid us a visit in 2005, but more like the one who coincidental jumped at the wrong time into the travel machine in 1962 which turned out to be the womb of my late mother and when I got out there it was too late.
There you are! With an open mind in a world, totally different. A world focused on senseless, selfish and material things which essentially do not exist anywhere outside this atmosphere.

That extensive ‘Database’ that has been stored somewhere in my brain/skull and has travelled along in that ‘uterus-timetravel machine’ tells me that nobody has landed here for “Nothing” in this time and space. So I have been looking for this “Nothing” ‘cause I’m not getting the point. And the people in the environment aren’t a great help either as they look at me as I am an alien, put me down as a paranoid conspiracy thinker, ignored by beta people who only pay attention to their left hemisphere, or even worse, promoted to spy The New World Order because I can keep me busy with mystical and spiritual matters as well.

Well Boudewijn, how strong…..? I don’t know. I also wonder often about the information that emerges from the ‘Database’ in the shape of paintings which comes alive, story’s I write, consultations I give at my work, and columns that are entirely inspired, come rolling out of my keyboard.

Last week I woke up, shocked by ‘Mr Database’ when I heard that Russia had placed a large order at DAF in Eindhoven Netherlands. Because on May 4 of this year I wrote a column with the title ‘The Political Children’s Circus’, I was rather agitated about the infantile puppet-show of our government and other huge powers. To illustrate it, I placed a photo which I edited into a persiflage. As we know, on May 4, the MH17 wasn’t shut down yet. So my terrestrial consciousness was not aware of this happening. Meanwhile, circusthe illustration as well as my paintings came alive.
Obama, who is sitting on top of the Bilderberg as you can see on the photo, has sent a plane threatning and flying around the world and it has just launched a missile above Putin to provoke a new war with Russia who is giving protection to whistleblower Edward Snowden, it surely left its trace!


What I couldn’t figure out was the monopoly game with the always smiling Prime Minister Rutte in front. It was just there. When I found out last week that the order from Russia came from the company “Monopoly” I promptly had to go out and walk the dog. No bike.
I tried to switch off Mr Database but the stalker obviously couldn’t stay at home on its own and on top of that I was physical attacked by a number of chemtrails (the air was clear blue and there were plenty planes leaving there trails) so that put an end to my walk for the day.

Meanwhile, agenda 21 has exposed more and more on a daily base over mankind (it’s even chiselled on a monument in Georgia, U.S.), I’m wondering if I’m not a timetraveler while I’m thinking of the timetraveler Scott who came from 2063. Apparently he came to our time period (Sept 8 until Sept 22, 2005) to leave messages for mankind on “this blog”. At first I was curious but very skeptical but with an open-mind I read the column anyway. My skepticism disapeared when I noticed what he shared with us. About matters which in the meantime all came true, matters that I write about and also try to warn people for. According to the daily news I’m afraid the rest will soon come forward as well. What I noticed was that this ‘Scott’, calls himself “Chronos1”, let us know that he was agitated and frustrated about the apathy and phlegmatic attitude of the human race. He didn’t feel to be taken seriously and I recognize that as no one else. He previses at that moment (2005) that the Bush administration urgently had to be checked upon (yeah…really???) for the reason that mankind will collapse in bitter misery but no one seem to listen.

How he got here I don’t know (think about Einstein, the time travel machine and the theory of relativity) even though he claims that we’ll find out in ‘his time period’. He certainly hasn’t chosen my moms whom as transport as he doesn’t look like my brother even though his statements sounds very familiar. In April I wrote several blogs with predictions that are now manifesting while a number of columns from my book, written in 2011, are making more sense at this moment.
And as well, Copernicus was reviled with his theory of the geocentric and heliocentric world. It basically meant that not the earth (Geo) was the centre of the universe but the sun (Helios) was. Pythagoras and Aristotle didn’t make themselves very popular in saying the earth was round instead of flat. And Socrates had to drink a cup of poison because of his revelations as Plato revealed them in “Politeia”. I have been drinking that myself for years, but I think that I’m not dead yet.

Well, it’s getting clear in my mind that there must be a specific reason for the ban in the European Union of the funny but educational movie; The Green Beautiful from 1996. In this film you’ll see time traveling and there’s an apeal made on the consciousness of humanity to create a change. “They” wouldn’t like that, I guess!

Rutte pinokkio

Prime Minister Mark Rutte: MH17 “We are going to dig it out till the bottom………” (about being nosy…..)

Humankind do not like changes, that’s why we’re not open for changes. But if you’re open for it and you think outside the box or you look further then the end of nose (not like Pinocchio of course) then you are an alien, put down as a paranoid conspiracy thinker, ignored by beta people who only pay attention to their left hemisphere, or even worse, promoted to spy from The New World Order.



You know what? I’ll go for it! Finally you get used to anything. Everybody is welcome to have his or her opinion or believes, and hold on to that for safety but I’m here, trying my best to wake you up by sharing the information of “Mr Database”. There’s not much time left. Well….., I would also like to move to 2063 even just to knock down the Guidestones with nanotechnology. Who knows. After all I am that strong as “The lonely cyclist, bent over the handlebars, a fierce wind ahead, finds his way”.

But rather that, as Boudewijn sings, brazen faced with a wooden mask from the businessman ‘cause we’re not getting any better from that…….! Isn’t that right Boudewijn?
Maybe I have to get myself a new bicycle, a real airbike..!

© Irma Schiffers

Translated by Robert Pfeiffer    (Many thanks, Robert!)


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