Corporate media: Tell the truth in 2015..!

nederlandse vlag


propagandaIn 2014, once again the mainstream media all over the world are playing games with the people in newspapers and on TV. And not ‘games’ like Spitting Image! Even more than ever, due to the fact that they also read the messages from the alternative media -as well as those of their (in the meantime ex-) colleagues- actually they must read it, because they get the alternative news served from everywhere through tweets and replies, but they still just ignore it!

And all for money! That piece of matter, created out of nothing by the bankers, while the human principles in high speed take off in value and end up in the stinking and rotting debris of waste contrainers!

But that should not spoil the fun for the ladies and gentlemen of the writing and speaking corporate media. Money and status nowadays seems much more important than human life, while your are supposedly committed to the outdated proverb: ‘never bite the hand that feeds you’. And which itself has a boss with the highest boss at the top of the pyramid who daily takes a swim in the pool of stolen gold and money from humanity. Thank you on behalf of the Dutch people!

The New York Times apparently made a start by the impending pursuit and arrest of these heartless top figures, perhaps by being horribly afraid, and it seems as if they suddenly turn over a new leaf by the end of the year. In this (corporate media) newspaper we could recently read an article with the headline: Prosecute Torturers and Their Bosses followed by this editorial ‘confession’.” Americans have known about many of these acts for years, but the 524-page executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report erases any lingering doubt about their depravity and illegality..” The British Daily Mail reported: Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg backs demands for judicial probe into UK torture as Blair Government accused of ‘secret policy of complicity’. Are they beginning to understand the real problem?

And on December 27, the same Daily Mail published an article on the shooting of the MH370 by the Americans in the neighborhood at the very secret atoll of Diego Garcia. Newspaper “De Morgen” from Belgium ventured on a same sort of article and headlined: “MH370 possible downed by American army.”

The question is, what is the Dutch press doing with the ‘search for truth’ and the release of all outright propaganda lies? We all know by now that the Dutch politicians act as the most respectable lapdogs of the American colleagues, but should it not be the task of the journalists of all Dutch media to stop this humiliating behaviour? Or are ratings and subscriber numbers far more important than defeating an impending third world war; propably to give an extra boost to their ratings? Because war sells? Is it out of fear to lose face, a loss of status or income? Shameless, that’s what it is! ‘To have heart for your job, you need to have heart for yourself in the first place, and thus for humanity and the planet!

Sometimes a TV-program like TROS-Radar is doing well kop boven het maaiveldby showing that implanting pelvic floor mats shamelessly may obtain a CE mark when it just appears to be a tangerine-bag from the supermarket, with disastrous consequences for the patient, but journalists then probably look in slightly different directions.

Or VPRO’s “Backlight” broadcasting “The Bankers Brain’, which openly shows how the bankers are cheating the people, journalists suddenly have a cable network failure.

They also don’t read German, because otherwise they would – filled with feelings of suspicion- purchased the book by Udo Ulfkotte which meticulously explains how journalists are bribed worldwide and by whom, including names and surnames.

And then apparently there is a lack of time (time is money, after all, isn’t it) for them and they publish what the elite prescribes them; so we are poisoned and getting prepared for a new war with Syria because a little boy is shot, and he is risking his life, while saving a little girl. Reporters don’t seem to bother that this whole staged terror is recorded at the expense of the Norwegian government by a film crew, the boy and girl are actors! Though I secretly hope for many sleepless nights for all those figures, bringing this news items as ‘reality’, in capitals! And those are just a few examples of the scabrous newsfestival.

But all this propaganda passed by very recently and I indeed have sleepless nights instead of them. And because I can’t sleep I am going to write again and by now I translated more than 140 pages of speeches and a press conference from Vladimir Putin. Because the Dutch press refused to do that, but instead they beat the drums of an upcoming war with Russia and if needed also with other states. Who cares?

I don’t care translating such a lot, but I’m not a journalist or translator. It is not my job. And guess what? I do not get paid for it so I don’t need to do it for the money or a status. I’m just an ordinary woman, but authentic, so, warm-hearted for all living creatures on planet earth. And that in itself should not be a ‘phenomenon’, right?

We leave 2014 behind. A horrible year! Many of you will agree with me.

Ladies and gentlemen, journalists and reporters, do you love and respect your fellow man? Congratulations! Then you fortunately also love and respect yourself. That said, then you are not even capable of a lie, to let it slip out of your keyboard or mouth!

Maybe the best intention for the year to come? Happy New Year!

© Irma Schiffers

All articles on this site are voluntary written for the sake of ‘humanity’ and may be republished, provided the author’s rights are acknowledged


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