David Icke speech for Amsterdam peace rally!

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Not wanting truthAs everyone knows by now -thanks to the huge ‘promotional campaign’ by the mainstream media, for which I thank you all- David Icke was supposed to speak in Amsterdam today – Sunday November 6, 2022. But because of his ban from travelling into 26 European countries, including the Netherlands, that whole event was called off. But David Icke still delivered his speech from the beach on his island in the UK.

Hans Rietveld, event organiser, including David Icke’s at the RAI, was approached last Wednesday by Jaymie Icke (his youngest son) to organise David’s next lecture in Amsterdam on Friday evening 28 April 2023. That is unlikely to go through under the current circumstances.  Hans just sent me this speech with Dutch subs, so I’d like to share it with everyone, for those who want to listen and watch! Click on the picture to go to the video- (length: 28’34”). 


Speech David Icke


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