Engaging interview with Zen Gardner

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Met Zen GardnerAt the Open Mind Conference in May 2016 I talked with Zen Gardner -another like minded soul- among other things about the book he wrote ‘You are the awakening’. He talked about his experiences, his own process of awakening and the worldwide situation we are in now, as how to cope with the things that are unfolding in full speed.

If you are a regular visitor here, you might remember Zen Gardner. On the 28th of June last year I wrote an article about Zen ‘the sandman and Zen Gardner’ and I translated his article ‘So what’s really happening now’ in Dutch.

Perhaps you remember the previous published interview with Ole Dammegård, held on the same day; the design of Zen’s book is from Ole’s hand. Both wonderful people to talk with.

Zen’s website you will find here, and his book you can buy here.


Zen, many thanks for your openness and the vision you shared!



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