Entering 2016, year of truth with Ole Dammegård: Paris False Flag

nederlandse vlag


Ole Dammegard-1A beautiful 2016 for everybody on this planet!
But that won’t. Not from itself.
Because we have to create that ourselves, together, that is how it works. Nothing will ever come out of itself, we are endless and infinite creators with a beautiful conciousness, so we are just gonna do that!
So: a beautiful 2016 for everybody on this planet!  For every living beautiful creature.

Where I really want to start this new year with, is taking away the fear, because we are giving away our responsibility for free to others. And those ‘others’ -unfortunately psychopaths- who have a very different, very heartless en cruel agenda, are giving their full effort to rolling out their agenda. I can and may say: nowadays most of the time without succes! And that’s the good news!

Thanks to a growing group of very conscious and awakening people, we sabotage this creepy and sinister agenda. There is a lot of good news out there (mostly still in the alternative media)  but through my own circumstances I didn’t manage to write it all out in one article.  However, this year is only one day young, so you can expect a lot from my hand, just like previous years. In addition, in my mind I am still receiving a lot of beautiful ideas for expansion, and we need to do that together, also. I can tell you more about that in the near future, I hope. I’m not sitting still though.

And neither in the last days of the year. In a last few days (and nights) I was very busy translating an interview from David Whitehead with Ole Dammegard.  Most of you do know him from other articles and interviews which I also translated, also with Dutch subs. He is an investigative journalist, who dedicated his life for more than 30 years to the truth, investigation of all kinds of false flag-operations and psy-ops and so on. He really is a great guy!

In a previous article, a few days after the terror-act in Paris, I wrote about the false flag, and he investigated the facts as he usually does. Thanks Ole, for those facts!  This interview -in my humble opinion- needs to be accessible to ANYBODY. It will take away the fear -we call it fear mongering- that must lead to the New World Order, according to the few.

As soon as we stay out’ of the fear mode and see the big picture, analyse the things with an open mind, add logic to it, and use our intuition, this agenda is powerless and will soon be disappeared.    The year of truth, energetically, will be of great help.

So I really want to emphasize this: take the time (one hour and 48 minutes, but you can also listen to it in parts) to listen to this interview and share it as much as possible. And important: make up your own mind. It is not only very meaningful information for you to rethink the situation, but it also contains a beautiful message for the near future.

2016 a beautiful year for everyone on this planet.
Because we‘re going to build it ourself!

(See also this article: Former MI5 officer outrage claiming Paris terror attacks inside job ISIS-Daesh)


2 Reacties op “Entering 2016, year of truth with Ole Dammegård: Paris False Flag

  1. modilanto

    januari 4, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    Mijn dank aan Irma Schiffers, die dit prima heeft vertaald !



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