Fidel Castro: ‘I don’t trust US’

fidelcastro“I don’t trust the policy of the United States… but this does not mean I reject a pacific solution to the conflicts,” iconic former Cuban leader Fidel Castro commented on the push for a restoration of Cuban-American ties.

This is the first time the revolutionary ex-president has spoken publicly since the December 17 US push for a historic reconciliation between the two nations. The comments also come on the heels of Obama’s Congressional push to lift the five-decade Cuban embargo and his granting the State Department six months to review Cuba’s status on the terror list.

In another historic rapprochement, Cuba celebrated when Obama agreed to the release of 53 of its prisoners earlier in January, with only a few remaining behind bars.

The 88-year-old Castro does not “trust the US, nor have I exchanged any words with them,” he wrote in a letter addressed to the student federation at the University of Havana and printed in the Communist Party newspaper Granma.

However, “it does not mean I reject a pacific resolution to the conflicts,” Castro continues. “We will always defend cooperation and friendship with all the people of the world, including our political adversaries.”

Not everyone in Washington was happy about Obama’s “hand of friendship to the Cuban people.” Republicans John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Jeb Bush had harsh words – especially when it came to the prospect of opening an embassy in Havana. A joint statement from McCain and Graham called the new initiative an “appeasement of autocratic dictators, thugs and adversaries, which is dimi nishing America’s influence in the world.” They also believe “America and the values it stands for is in retreat and decline.”

Projection mechanism? Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? These ‘figures’ keep quiet about their own criminal attacks of all countries that do not conform to their own aggressive policies. Face the facts  of the history..

Castro’s statement on the United States also comes two weeks after the former communist leader penned one to football icon Diego Maradona. That move ended almost three months of suspicions that the former leader had passed away. Castro had been missing from the public eye the whole time, fueling the rumors.

The revolutionary was forced to step down from his duties as president and hand the reins over to his brother Raul when he became seriously ill in 2006.

Although Castro had reconciliatory words on the relationship with the US, the former president has still not voiced his opinion on his younger brother’s decision to reconcile with Cuba’s age-old enemy – the same country that tried numerous times to assassinate Fidel, which is a world record.

“Cuba’s president has taken steps within his range of authority and the powers granted him by the National Assembly, and the Communist Party of Cuba,” Fidel’s measured words read.

Source: RT News

The West can increasingly prepare itself for resistance from other countries in the world. Similarly, we read that the Greek government has spoken out against the  EU-partners who hold Russia responsible for the massacre in Mariupol, where thirty people were killed. Hungary, Slovakia and Austria had already expressed similar concerns.

And then could read about Iceland in the alternative news media. Iceland,  the country where bankers go to prison and taxpayers see some of their debts forgiven.

England also often shows its teeth within the European Commission, and not only by the words of Nigel Farrage of the UKIP-party, but Godfrey Bloom of the EFD Group (Europe of Freedom and Democracy) is making clear in just one minute about what is going on right now. You can see how the European Union is cheating the population in this brief explanatory statement!


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