Former Drone Pilots Denounce ‘Morally Outrageous’ Program | NBC News

DronepilotenFortunately it is also obvious that there is a change going on in our human collective conciousness. Not only there is more and more truth coming to the surface -I will say not in the least because of the alternative media- but even in the mainstream media we sometimes can view some news-items with a different sound.

A few days ago New World, Next Week from James Corbett they covered an article about the UK army: Young People in The UK Aren’t Interested In Joining The Military. So they need to find another way for PR to recrute those youngsters.   That seems quite right to me, as long as they don’t mislead those people. 

But now NBC-News (really mainstream!) had a newsitem about three formar Drone-pilots who did speak out, accompanied by their lawyer.

I felt the need to translate this item (from about 6 minutes) and I also added subtitles in Dutch, because it is worth the effort; to keep seeing the positive developments within all the pure shit that is going on in the world.

So here it is, let’s stay positive! Times will change, but only because of our awareness, awakening and expansion of our collective conciousness, so we do really need to continu with that!

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