George Soros: a dangerous puppetmaster

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Geroge sorosTrump means ‘troef’ (in Dutch)
Not only literally (by translation), but also his name, his personality and his victory are key in the medialandscape, when it comes to mostly negative publicity, but here and there an exception with a pro-Trump article.  We now can determine with certainty that the camp of the opponents is generously funded and stirred up by the dangerous Hungarian billionaire George Soros.

But Soros is also the puppetmaster behind the scenes with several other projects, as I often wrote, like Color-revolutions, behind  Black Lives Matter, but also AVAAZ, behind the refugee-crisis (video = deleted by YouTube) and so much more (think of the connection with the Clintons!) He is the one who pulls the strings of the currency-markets and politics around the world. He is capable of making a statement that ruins a whole country. An extremely dangerous man we should recognize and who needs being stopped in his psychopathic desire for evil action. Action, leading to disruption all over the world.

Dan Dicks from Canada (Press For Truth) – a man I follow on YouTube because of his undesired presence at the Bilderberg-meetings- made a video about Soros, like an interview with this bad guy. I asked Dan for permission to translate this video with Dutch subs (11’00”), and so I did. It is time to see for the 99% who really is pulling the strings; not our governments and politicians we vote for (do we, really?) but it is the shadow government, hiding in the dark for far too long. An elite group Ole Dammegård recently has addressed in front of our camera.

It’s about time to shed the light on these evil creatures. Dan Dicks, many thanks for your effort!

© Irma Schiffers

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Een Reactie op “George Soros: a dangerous puppetmaster

  1. anda642

    juni 3, 2020 at 10:52 pm

    Gedeeld op m`n Twitter, beste Irma, met veel dank voor deze sterke bijdrage aan ons aller bewustwording van de grote gevaren die ons allen bedreigen. .



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