GMO’s: do we really want to get poisoned?

GMO-sm1It is really going great with our food and water supply, not to mention our environment! This article, and my next article are about this subject, because I’m really worried about this. Soon I will shift my focus to the air, but we start on the earth.

Of course it is a real tearjerker that Nestlé-manager Peter Brabeck has declared that ‘water is not human right, so water should be privatized’.
The same horrible company is also responsible for GMO’s in babyfood, which is full of genetical modificated corn and soy. It is not coincidence that this new generation of “sensitive” children develop all kinds of allergies to anything.

And then of course we have the world’s major problem of multiple requests for patents in favor of genetically modified foods (GMOs) by multinationals like Monsanto (which is also the producer of the toxic Round-Up) and Syngenta, companies who -besides producing pesticides- also modify the once healthy (anticancer) broccoli, corn and soy. Did you know that in the staff restaurant of Monsanto ‘no’ or hardly no GMOs are sold and served? For reasons of their own personnel to keep them safe and sound so they can continue working for them without getting seriously ill. The staff doesn’t eat their own products in the domestic sphere also, as we hear more and more from internal sources after a visit of such a family.

What it does to rats after several studies you can see in these pictures, but that should not spoil their fun from the huge profit. Gilles-Eric Séralini, monsantoprofessor and researcher at the University of Caen and specialist in GMOs and pesticides came with results from a research program after several rats did eat the genetically modified GM corn. This is the result, tumors as big as tennis balls. Obviously he and the results were served off and taunted, but fortunately there are still honest scientists who are supporting the results of the investigation. How this principle of false information and propaganda works in the world, you will see in detail in the video in my next article.

I heard from various sides that the Dutch TV-program ‘Zembla’ would pay attention to food patents and obviously includes Monsanto. That is mainstream media and therefore a propaganda channel, fully owned by the multinationals, but we’ll see …

Large companies increasingly seems to ask for patents on natural properties of ordinary vegetables, like broccoli, corn, soy and so on. This method is controversial, scientists and politicians (really?) are worried. What does it mean for our food security when multinationals are ruling and managimonsanto rattenng our vegetables? The TV-program Zembla was wondering, last week.

The ten largest vegetable seed companies in the world currently have nineteen patents on natural properties of vegetables. 132 patents are pending for approval by the European Patent Office, Zembla reports. With those patents, big multinationals can get a monopoly and powerful position from which they can block our free access to vegetable materials.

We can also read in the press that Sharon Dijksma, State Secretary for Economic Affairs, in an interview with Zembla tells that she is concerned about the patents: “It worries me that the world food supply is likely to be concentrated in a few multinational companies and I fear that at the expense of the freedom of choice of farmers, growers and consumers. This can have negative consequences for food security. During the Dutch Presidency of the European Union next year I will take initiatives to accelerate this, “said Dijksma.

I’m missing something. Should she not say: This may have negative consequences for public health ” And next year? The hidden truth is, that she actually is afraid that the multinationals are going to destroy the Dutch economy, because there is nothing more to be gained from our own farmers! The toxics that we eat through this engineered food is not important. not even for Zembla, because of no simple question about that subject.

I hope enough people realize that we need to end those poisoning activities as soon as possible and that we must save our children for this.

What we eat is not only poisoned from the sow in the ground, but also from the air. The last 10 days I am busy translating and subtitling a documentary in which scientists explained in detail what is sprayed on all of us and on our land, why, who are the ones behind it and how it works. Interesting and a ‘MUST SEE’ I find it more than worth the effort to do this intensive work.

Very soon you can watch this documentary here yourself and hopefully you will spread it as much as possible. The scientists are calling for physicians, medical doctors, physicists, biologists etc. to do something about this from out of their expertise before it is really too late.

As Mr. Haring, Professor of Plant Biology in the TV-program says:’It is like Risk, (the game) you slowly take over the whole planet ‘

Are we really going to let this happen?

© Irma Schiffers


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