Half of 2014 is passed

It’s been a while since I wrote an article, but it is now really time for it. There is so much going on for everyone. Every day on the phone I hear this from clients who call me and sometimes it can feel like chaos and uncertainty about how to proceed on the right way.


Yinta, R.I.P.

Also on a personal level I got everything on my plate that   came along out of the blue. These are things you don’t see coming and suddenly your schedule may change and otherwise at least  your inner feelings. I recently lost quite suddenly  a beloved house(soul-)mate, my pussy cat Yinta and needed to put her to sleep  with a lot of grief and she is cremated; people around me were hospitalized with serious complaints so an unexpected trip with visits in between; my book ‘Musical Chairs at the hairdresser’s’ has been translated into a English for the US market and it is recently published.


I still had to spend a lot of nights with this translation, to put it in a correct word-setting because of the wacky puns, which are not always easy to get for others in a different language,  and last but not least, I still have to study Astrology. How do you get it all up, you may think, but there are several people who, as can be seen every day, really cope with the same problem. Life rushes fast  and yet we have this feeling that we do not make any progress, when it comes to what we want to see as a new start for ourselves.

Yes, the world is moving fast, the pressure is increasingly speeding up us to our real inner truth; living from the heart and from your soul. As it is right now, it can no longer be. So the question is, “Who are you, really,” “what do you really want ‘,’ what is your true purpose so you will be happy? And how do you achieve your individual self-mastery?

Relationship issues are still a major priority nowadays, because that race is not yet run. There are still a lot of people living together who know they want to stop that relationship but do not dare, or do not know how, and how it should proceed. And this also applies to all the soul connections that we are waiting for for so long, or suddenly are found. There seems to be no progress. What happens then, is that you do not believe in it anymore and you are full of doubt about your intuition, so  you want to throw in the towel. And that’s precisely what you should NOT do!

As I said, the world is moving fast. Humanity is widely awakening and people do not want to live on in the old way that we were used to. The corruption of the governments, the banks, the misleading news from the mainstream media; No, we do not believe in it , and we also do not want it anymore. That movement is going on and not only in the nearest around us. And you feel really true! Such turmoil, especially if you’re already sensitive, it is sure very palpable and then you have to try to focus on your inner self, your own wisdom and your own strength. Despite of other peoples thought and opinions.

The planet Mercury has been going directly since last night, at last. And if Mercury is in retrograde position he acts like a brake on things like communication, transport and electronical matters. So that’s not exactly a time when you should have expectations if you want to set or achieve something.  Retrograde often means more that you will stand in the retro-mode to let go of issues from the past or what should be, and in this case it is just more remarkable that my book -from the past (retro)- (Mercury is the planet of books, publishing, communication etc.) was translated and yesterday was sent out in a press release from the American publisher, while Mercury is in the direct mode.

In short, time for action, unlike the past six months, which was in preparation for the ‘innovation’ that we want to achieve for ourselves and that is going to have an impact on the whole society and the world. The proverb is not without a reason “improve the world and start with yourself.” That is where the change begins; what you emanate, will be send back to you like a magnet!

Don’t be surprised if there will arise more and more unexpected events; a soul-connected love from the past who will suddenly appear in front of you, a sudden change of jobs or residences, even movements to another country. Let it be positive, think of it as a new challenge. A “problem” better may be called  a “challenge”, it sounds a lot more positive.  Challenges urge for creative thinking to a solution. Everything can be different so before you know it, you can find yourself in a new “flow” with your life. That you can only be created by yourself and by staying open-minded.

kast met rommelThe second half of this year will be brighter and sunnier, and remember that if something disappears from your life (how painful a farewell always is) that it does not belong  anymore in your new “way of being.” How can you let new things through when you’re  ‘wardrobe’ has no room for new because of everything you have saved in there, dusty or not?  Make it empty and free of dust, while tears can wash away a layer of dust. You will see that it is filled quickly with new things that will be simplified a lot.

Things or situations that you never thought about may be come up to the surface so you look into the mirror of your own soul and your own heart where a true feeling of happiness dwells in … I wish you a beautiful month and an exciting “second half”!

© Irma Schiffers


You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article in its entirety, on free, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website.


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