Heb jij een link?

  • Deze pagina is heel ‘informatief’ voor iedereen en bewaart het overzicht (Alles wat off-topic is)
  • Plaats bij de reacties jouw link die je is opgevallen in het nieuws
  • Zet het onderwerp er mogelijk even bij
  • Beschrijf eventueel de korte inhoud
  • Als je reageert op een link, gebruik dan @ vóór de naam van degene waar je op reageert om het overzicht te houden



Ga je gang, deel wat je wilt delen ;-)


13.660 Reacties op “Heb jij een link?

  1. yvonne

    september 21, 2019 at 6:46 pm

    I think the Democrats finally have corralled Donald Trump.

    I think the transcripts flagged by the unnamed intel community whistleblower will show that Donald Trump threatened to withhold foreign aid to Ukraine unless the Ukrainian leader fired a prosecutor who was investigating a company that paid Donald Jr. and Eric millions of dollars. Following this demand the Ukrainian prosecutor was fired and the investigation terminated.

    But wait, there is more. The Trump boys also flew to China with their Dad and snared a 1.5 BILLION Chinese investment in their hedge fun. I am sure you will agree this is impeachable.

    Wait. BREAKING NEWS. Put the BRAKES on the BRAKING NEWS. I made a mistake. The person who did this was NOT Donald Trump, it was Joe Biden and his greedy offspring, Hunter. (If you caught the “BRAKING” in the title you get extra points.)

    According to a knowledgeable source, the Whistleblower story that much of the media is losing their minds over is a desperate effort to protect Joe Biden. While it is true that Donald Trump had a conversation with the Ukrainian President and the topic of investigating Joe Biden’s son for getting payments from a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch, that is not illegal nor improper once you understand the back story.

    lees de rest

  2. yvonne

    september 21, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    Peter Schweizer on Whistleblower: Media Trying to Turn a Biden Scandal into a Trump Scandal

    News media outlets such as the Washington Post are framing the aforementioned “whistleblower” event as a “Trump scandal” while the “underlying issue” is Joe Biden’s possible monetization of political influence during his vice presidential tenure, assessed Schweizer.

    “I think the larger issue here, I’m kind of astonished, the Washington Post is kind of covering the issue of this whistleblower, which of course they should, and we’ll have to see exactly when the dust settles, what exactly was said and what exactly happened, but there’s no reporting of the underlying issue,” remarked Schweizer. “There’s no reporting of the fact that the vice president’s son was going around the world — to Ukraine, to China, there are financial transactions involving Kazakh oligarchs, there’s money going from Swiss bank accounts to the vice president’s son — and ask me, [or] ask a lot of people — do we really want to have a country where it becomes acceptable and commonplace for this kind of behavior to take place? And I think the answer is, ‘No

    lees verder


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