Higher consciousness; how do we get there?

nederlandse vlag


The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality

Quote from ‘The Divine Comedy’ by Dante

A loaded statement, because it sounds somewhat condemnatory. But there is a grain of truth in it. The choice to deny painful things concerning others that you do not want to see, or considering you can not do anything about it, and therefore put away as ‘non-existent’, are not of help for humanity to create a better world. But this responsibility is what the world needs right now. We are all connected to each other, coming from one source, but we still feel separated. This has to do with the field of consciousness where we personally find ourselves, in other words, ‘how’ we look at the world and to ourselves. And there are several´fields´ of consciousness. A bird has a very different perception and ditto consciousness than a man, who can not see and perceive what the bird sees from above. And that applies to all living beings.

Our higher consciousness (or subconscious) is giving signals all the time. And when we do not notice because we are too busy with the everyday concerns and ´must do´s´ in the outside world, they are becoming stronger. Eventually after a “boost” or a “kick in the butt’ something stronger may also occur that turns your life suddenly upside down, and that is often not the most attractive or comfortable way to change your life. Repentance sometimes comes too late.


Remembrance – Oilpaint (Irma Schiffers) Many faces appeared while painting the landscape

In our higher consciousness we are not alone. In that (collective) ‘vibrational field’ -which exists simultaneously with our daily consciousness- our non-physical soul meets many other souls who will guide us and sometimes they are almost screaming in our ears. But human agency is the capacity for human beings to make choices, because we go through our own individual path of growth. How we come to make decisions, by free choice or other processes, is another issue. We can ignore certain signals every time we like, or postpone indefinitely when the message is heard deep inside. For this reason, many people stay in the ‘lower earthly’ vibrations or even in the earthly swamp, also defined as ‘hell’. Just look at the dark forces acting from the higher positions. We find them in the politics and in the world of big money and banks.

If you look at this from the perspective of your higher consciousness you can not be quick of apprehension: ‘how can people do such things’. and ‘How can human beings do this to another human being’? Or, what I have been wondering since childhood: ‘how can people take possesion of something, which is created for all of us?’ We are all born on this planet with an individual mission and to learn our peronal lessons. This planet will provide food, natural medicines, water and materials for building a roof over our head. What does the other person have what you do not have, so he thinks he can play the boss and take your basic requirements away? In the worst-case scenario you suffer from death by starvation, a lack of water or illness?

There is no way back when you arrived in the fields of your higher consciousness. And that is precisely why whole groups of people are afraid to enter that field. Their ‘unconscious’ is telling them that it is a ‘scary field’ that leads to loneliness, but especially to an “individual responsibility”. They often didn’t inherited something as their own responsibility from the education and the environment in which they were born and grown up. Quite understandable, but it keeps our world caught in a ‘lower kind of energy’, af life dedicated to material values. The saying ‘union is strength’ would be of support for the rejection of the ‘dark powers that be’ and it can change everything in a moment when the majority with ‘higher consciousness’ takes back their power with inner strength, based on truth. In percentage terms we actually are in the majority. So why doesn’t that happen?

This has everything to do with the collective consciousness. Wherever you are aware of, there you will find the truth. ‘Your truth’ will be reaffirmed by this deeper personal belief day by day. But what happens when you go beyond those beliefs by letting them go and you start questioning whether it is your truth or the truth of someone else? Then you come across a new ‘perception’ where things might happen you had never dreamed of or thought about. Then you live from your own responsibility and choices, based on your perception and that for certain feels much better than believe in the truth of someone else. But it takes courage! How can you hear, see, feel or observe these little internal signals from your intuition and inner wisdom?

An example:

A few years ago, I went for another week of training to the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted. This time I chose for the course, “The psychic, the spirit and the artist”. We could sign up for the group of psychics; painting and drawing energy fields from someone else, followed by a personal reading, or opt for the group ‘drawing portraits’ (spirits, guides and deceased). With the latter I met resistance in some way; I paint and draw, give daily readings on the phone for years, so that’s what I came for, right? (= conviction and comfort zone!)

I felt intuitively the spiritual world disagrees, but I ignored it (sign no. 1). Students from all over the world come together and some asked me on the first day, “Why didn’t you choose for the group of portraits?” (call no. 2). I started my first one-to-one exercise with a Swedish lady and I drew a mountain in a landscape. De mongolian guideIt arose very quickly with pastels. I gave her information about her struggles and talked about her spirtitual blockages (according to the mountain) and she was thrilled that I appointed so many things she could recognize immediately. Suddenly a face appears in the mountain. I had to laugh, but I really looked in the face of a ‘Mongolian or eskimo’. Unmistakable from ancient times. I did not understand it, but she could. The teacher came by and she put her hand on my shoulder and said “It seems obvious that the spirit world wants to draw in. Are you sure you’re not in the wrong group, my dear?’ (call number 3) but I was convinced that… etc etc.

The whole week went on with the same experiences. Even though I realized that I made several intuitive paintings when suddenly eyes appeared. Paintings, like in this one below.

Bergen Wijsheid

Mountain wisdom – Oilpaint Irma Schiffers

I was enjoying myself in this group and was happy to get several confirmations that I could “read” others, spot on and based on my own creations that I made spontaneously. . All students who came to learn this type of mediumship just wanted a reading from me, when my teacher said, “you’re already so experienced in this work, don’t you think you need to stretch yourself while learning something new and more challenging?” (Call number 4).


While I attended lectures twelve hours a day, I was scribbling portraits! Believe it or not. I made many of them. On an evening I walked outside in the beautiful garden and I was accosted by two English students from the advanced medium-group. They asked me what I did on the course the last few days, and ‘why’ this happened we both did not know at that moment. I told them about the choice I did not make (spirit art) and that I had been scribbling portraits though. They asked me if I would mind to show them all and for about 36 drawings were spread out on the grass. What happened then was undeniably the so called “kick in the butt’ from the spirits.


Arthur Findlay College in Stansted – England

The English couple went on and on inside to call someone from their group outside and each of them recognized their deceased father, uncle, friend, colleague, etc. I felt a kind of dizziness and I was really confused. I remember that I laughed and cried (of fear?) Especially when their teacher came outside. He recognized his deceased daughter, I did draw her three times. He even recognized the chain with the oval pendant on the sketch. I heard myself spontaneously ask “and what about the horses?” (because I saw horses with this girl). He said ‘she has always been in our stables with our 33 horses’. When I asked, “was she about 21 years old when she passed,” he confirmed. He grabbed me (“wanna give you a hug”) and I was shocked, didn’t know what was going on here. He said ‘God bless you. You’re a natural born medium, but you must learn to trust and believe in yourself, you got the proof right now.” I gave him the requested drawings, which were, or course, not mine. The others told me later that this is the way the spiritual world is trying to ‘convince’ me with evidence that I really can not ignore and to let me know that I am truly connected with spirit, 24 hours a day.

Such a sign like this, in my opinion, is one of the latter signals. Then they become more intense, and you can even start feeling depressed or physically unwell, as I experienced more than once when I was in the “ignore-mode” again.

I don’t mean to say that you should follow every impulse you catch from other dimensions. No, certainly not! Sometimes there are things happening in our daily lives that are so obvious signals concerning something you actually already know, but even then you might not prefer to give it any attention. Everything is okay, but remember that we all are able to communicate with our higher self or with the source in our personal way. The spiritual world is very patient (a world we also simultaneously belong to with our higher consciousness) and spirit can see who you are, how you work, and within your own possibilities you get very personal signs. In my case they used my painting and drawing skills, because I could not get more clear evidence and confirmation. So you might receive it in a totally different way instead. Have you ever experienced that you did something you later regretted, while you knew and felt deep inside that it was not right? Maybe you experienced all kinds of resistance, sabotage, delay, etc.? Undoubtedly! Your higher consciousness was ‘whispering’, but you did not hear or believe it.

When we dare to bring our own convictions into discussion, as well as our beliefs and thoughts, we enter another field of consciousnes, one we do not know. We’re going to think outside the box. We find ourselves in a field of consciousness in which we are collectively connected with each other and that will really change the world forever. Collective unity is strength, and power is ‘force’ when we act from our soul; the higher consciousness is filled with love, and there is no place for dark forces like war and murder. It all starts with ‘acknowledge’, than with ‘willpower’, and finally with ‘courage’!

© Irma Schiffers  (For more English articles, click here)

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