HSP – Highly Sensitive Pets

Yes, I know It´s  risky business and a thread on thin ´ice´ when I translate the abbreviation HSP in this way. I’m well aware of that, but if no one dare to enter this thin ice, we will never know if it is accessible and securely. So I have a try anyway.

We certainly know something about the phenomenon HSP (highly sensitive person) especially if you ‘re a regular visitor to this site. But for me it also stands for Highly Sensitive Pets, because I have some of those all day living around me. And I ‘ve experienced that the animals that you live with for a certain period in your life, really need to be with you at that stage. I used to have a lot of cats and dogs, but when I look back I can say that they played a very different role in my life than today. I’ve always been a huge animal lover, but I used to have cats who just live along with me, but also often on theirselves and most of the time outdoors so you didn´t always see them. Today, I dare to call, from this slippery ice that I have cats that are teachers, learning me a lot, ´see´ things that others don´t see, show me things in my behavior and are so-called ‘multi-dimensional´ present in all areas.

DjayaenIrma-6verkleindI could ask who exactly the telepathic ability has developed in order to communicate with them, but the answer is obvious. Me of course! They have this natural capability for ages, and sometimes I feel a little guilty that I didn´t understand my former ” Mickey , Misty , Andra , Okkie , etc. I learned to cope with that guilty feeling, because that is exactly what we need to get rid of nowadays. Because what you don´t know, you cannot recognize, so you can´t put that in your reality either. The lessons were no errors,  they do not exist. And if you are aware of this principle, you have learned from this, and you will never repeat those lessons.

Animals are so close to nature that they have managed to preserve their pure intuition intact unlike mankind, and they live it. We humans call it instinct, but I prefer to call it intuition, as instinct sounds so animal. Of course we are talking about animals, but I have learned that animals are not inferior to men, and so people are not automatically superior. Superiority is a better description for them because they are my ‘masters of Zen´ .

Cats are the ultimate “masters” in meditation, trance (healing), patience, self-expression, to show what they want to do and what they don´t (and therefore really do not want), and thus they are a mirror for their ‘man’. If you want to see it at least.

Woody-indestoelI have a cat I need to inject insulin twice a day, because after a pancreatitis ( inflammation of the pancreas) he has diabetes.  He knows exactly when he needs water, by hanging on the tap itself and open it to drink. He also does disturb me at the computer when it is time for his injection, or when I didn´t hear my phone-signal for that. He jumps also on my keyboard, or possibly sit on my bedpillow and stares at me as he says. ´I have to eat , dude´!

My cat who is going outside sometimes, didn´t come home one night. I was in a panic because he always sleeps with me upstairs. I told myself that he had had an accident or became ill, perhaps stolen (I have Maine Coons and other ” Aristocats ” ) and could not sleep. Actually rather cry. Suddenly I heard him say: “I ‘m locked in a barn, and I hate it just like you, but I come home when I can. Now I go to sleep, please do the same, because tomorrow I come home.  I ‘m hungry, but I feel good´.

HPIM1656.JPGI did not believe it because my ego was at work. My mind said it was obviously not gone well and that maybe I ‘d never see him. That whole night I stood awake. My connection with the other world, which is normally so open partly because of my work, also gave some image from a barn and a reassuring comfort-feel with an intense love, “it ’s okay, we do not take him away .” My ego, however, continued to say that I was let down, and that this might have been my fault … When I saw an image of a clock with 9 am on it with my third eye, I turned on my back again, and was even more frustrated. What a night!

That morning at nine  my cute little male stood for my bedroom window and was talking aloud to bring me a hug before attacking his food.  A moment later I heard that he was trapped in a neighbours barn, who accidentally closed the door. When she went to work at 9 am, he jumped out.

I could write a book with this kind of events! One even less credible than the other. Today I believe everything they say, even what they usually suffer from (like toothache) and when they have to go to the vet . It is true forever … I ‘m lucky that I ‘m dealing with vets who take me seriously in those cases. That lasted a few years, and understandably, because you perhaps can imagine how long I’ve done about it for myself to take my animals so seriously.

I ‘ve had clients on the phone with animal questions. When I tell them how it works with and for their animals, sometimes they start to laugh nervously. But if they are trying to make contact with their pets while nobody is watching,  the results are surprising. Usually I send them to the vet if I do not trust the physical condition and that ’s actually always right. Fortunately, they often let me know afterwards.

Now I’m wondering if the “science” will find prove that HSP also does exist in animals. I already knew, especially since one is more significantly sensitive than the other. So it is a phenomenon that exists. My theory now is  based on experience, that the animals you get, you also need, and that they are aligned with you in a certain period of time. I will emphasise this: respect for all animals is  absolutely necessary in this (new) time!

There is still much to discover and prove and I feel that it is coming. But to be honest, I could also understand very well as my vets occasionally think when I leave the premises that I fly away on a broom …

©Irma Schiffers  2014

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