Illuminated Christmas spirit

We have been left behind the dark days before Christmas.
And the dark days during Christmas “are swept away by all kinds of Christmassy light shows that spontaneously being held in gardens each year.”
The energy industy is very happy! The environment less so, although, fortunately more and more so-called green electricity is generated and consumed.
There are even prizes awarded for the best outdoor decorations and Christmas shows.
Let our dark days be lit by tiny Christmas tree lights that should make it pleasant.
The middle class has a good eye.
The shelves in the stores are jam-packed with all kinds of lights, from lit up Santa Claus sparklers or ordinary, traditional Christmas tree lighting in the form of fake candles.
These were, at first, replaceable candles, which for years have been refitted and reused. Bulbs were brought out at the end of that same year at the beginning of the new-year in their now yellowed box.
Nowadays you can buy them in sets of 50 or 100 pieces.
Once one flickers, out you can throw away the whole cord. Sometimes there is a spare bulb but before you have found the refuser you have 50 or 100 lights on, because it is usually the last one you check.
It looks nice when you know they have to drape in a tree, but first, you have to untangle those meters of cord that have the unpleasant habit to celebrate Christmas all twisted together.
And did you know, they all have a tendency to twist against each other too, however far you try to keep them away from each other.
I can barely suppress the tendency to solve the problem with a pair of scissors.
If you really can’t get them out of the knot, you just buy a new set.
They cost almost nothing and time is money nowadays, so you can save considerably if you quickly go and buy 100 new lights that are still reasonably in order once out of the box.
Sometimes you think it is more convenient for the lights to be on while unraveling the tangle, so you can distinguish them better.
Before you know it, your burnt fingers are being cooled for a few minutes under the tap to prevent blistering, because some newfangled lighting was overheating.
Now, you just have to wait for the latest piece of progress.
A real genetic manipulated blue spruce that never fails and lasts at least twenty years with a real pine scent, with real candles that have cold flames and where there is no fire risk. And it has no cord! Smells like a real pine-tree.
Ladies and gentlemen scientists: do your best!
Since you are able to clone animals and even humans, this certainly won’t take up much of your time…
Was it not you who brought the Age of Enlightenment?
For now, I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a pure natural New Year!

©Irma Schiffers (from ‘Musical Chairs at the hairdressers’ Irma Schiffers-2014)



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