Interview with Cody Snodgres and Ole Dammegård

Recently Ole Dammegård came with a request to us -DVM-TV- to arrange a skype interview with him and the American whistleblower Cody Snodgres. So we did and we needed time to translate and to add Dutch subs and this is ready now.

About a year ago Cody and Ole got in contact and after many years of silence he is stepping forward with a lot of mindblowing information.

Cody Snodgres has college degrees in mathematics and physics and so he was recruited by the CIA to work for them, but Cody did not want to work for the Government. Later on in life -as he explains- he did some secret jobs as a contractor. But one day he was asked to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City in the US and he refused. He became from an asset to a liability for the CIA and the Government and he got a warning to leave the country because ‘he would be a dead man soon’.

He wrote a book Choosing the Light, with an addition of over 300 pages of evidence and documents. He got some edit-copies as he is looking for publishers. In this interview Cody talks about how he is expecting to be taken out by possible assassination or to get involved in some car-accident and ‘then the book is out’, he said. He knows way, way to much, they told him. A few days later he WAS involved in a strange and serious car-crash but fortunately he survived! We are glad to hear this. We expect to hear more from him, as Cody stated at the end ‘this is only a tip of the iceberg we shared today!’


© Irma Schiffers/ DVM-TV


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