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Geloof niet alles wat je denktEverything you read, as also here, you need to consider for yourself because we are very conscious, sensitive and ‘thinking’ beings; at least, the vast majority of us (99%) worldwide. We generally use only a small part of our ‘brain power’, our brain-capacity and in addition we have a much greater awareness of the so-called invisible world that is surrounding us. An inner “knowing” which stored all the memories in the history of mankind. But being busy (rather being occupied) with all sorts of daily things and sorrows, we don’t or can’t ‘see’ those memories or our higher conscousness anymore. And that is exactly what this is all about.

Most of you who are following this blog, are aware of the obscure and dark techniques some people are using to keep us in a lower vibration. By poisonous foods such as GMO’s and carcinogens, vaccinations, medications, chemtrails, money (= lower energy) and (thus) mind control. We are bombarded with fear-mongering and information that keeps us in our low frequencies of our thoughts. Well, all of this will not be of any help to ‘save’ the world.

All of what is written in the alternative media has to do with a deeper truthknowing behind the rubbish we get served from the mainstream media, which is knowingly being used to keep us in a lower frequency of ‘fear’. We therefore are giving away our own power and responsibility to others who seem to ‘guide us’ and are resolving all issues in the world. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Look around in the world. What really is gonna be solved? It just gets more and more horrible and barbaric; tribes are put up against each other, religions are played out to hate each other and our fellow human beings, wars everywhere, countries who are threaten each other with nuclear weapons, and on a lower, daily level they are creating money-issues, poverty etc. so that we attack another or worse, are committing suicide. While there is abundance everywhere for everyone.

David WilcockMy latest article, four translated parts from David Wilcock, corresponds to what most of us are ‘feeling’ or being aware of. There is an increasingly bunch of information coming to the surface, nothing remains hidden, and a large group of people are working towards ‘disclosure’. This group we call the ‘Alliance’. Many facts David is speaking of in his articles are known to the most of us. I wrote many articles in the last few years about those subjects and they are all readable in the archive. What is written about by David, has to do with the greater picture, because when you look to the top of the piramid, everything will come together. All details, all atrocities, wars, false flag-operations, financial crisis, Big Pharma, foodsupply, etc etc. And once you see the big picture, you will understand everything what’s going on, but you are also capable of putting it into perspective and in the right context.

Many of us are being attacked, on a wider and on a small scale. But there is ‘something’ going on, on a higher vibrational level, that will keep us going, because we ‘know’… So is Wilcock being attacked and threatened too. Yes, there are lots of disinfo-agents and trolls who are very active on the internet. Some of them are hardly recognizable. What I can say to you is this: The only thing that can help you to differentiate real truth from propaganda, is to follow your own intuition, your gut feeling, your inner ‘knowledge’. Remember, that this ability that we all have, can only function when we are not sinking away in a lower frequency (like fear, anger, jealousy, in short: your ego). I really know everything about that, as intuitive and spiritual coach. I am only able to do my job, when I am not in that state of ‘mind’. ;-)

So, try to keep ‘feeling, try to stay out of the realms of fear and try to keep Truthseeing the big picture. Don’t lose yourself in earthly details, because the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place when you look at the top of the piramid, which dominates the world. Then it is a really simple concept.

The fact that we now can watch a TV-program, where top figures from the military and intelligence-agencies are explaining with provable documents, that Hitler was still alive after his ‘so called death’ and was leaving to Argentina, is a real prelude to what is coming up and out in the next period. 700 declassified documents are only the beginning of the new paradigm, the new era. You can see those TV-broadcasts in the links in David’s article here.

What remains is to have patience for a huge process like this; an awakening process that is irreversible and which is running in full speed. Read for yourself whatever feels good for ‘you’ and discard everything else, or at least, park it for a while. But stay as open-minded as you can, because that is the ultimate mode to prepare for the real (hard) truth in the next months or years.

Let’s build on a better world, together.  A world without wars, violence, hatred, and disregard of our beautiful planet. We need to reconsider our old believe systems. And since our believe system is strongly determine our daily actions, why should we not choose to change our inner believes into something that is more spiritual, beautiful, more on a soul-level.  We are able to transform it to who we really are: multidimensional loving beings, with a pure and strong intuition and a warm heart. The world will look completely different from what we are seeing now, and that is exactly what we are going to see in the next period ahead!

With love, be yourself and embrace yourself!

© Irma Schiffers


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