Journalist reveals: ‘We are bribed!’

German Journalist Udo Ulfkotte worked for seventeen years for the Frankfurter boek UdoAllgemeine Zeitung and is fed up with corruption. He is ashamed of the  bribery in which he, just like all western media, was involved. He has written a book that has already become a bestseller within a few weeks. The second edition is upcoming and he hopes, as he announces on Twitter, that several journalists now determined to pronounce the truth and thus to stop with propaganda in the interests of humanity. I have translated a summary from German in Dutch and English. As I often wrote: it is the time of truth now and before we get into all the destructive wars dictated by the powerful elite, you would at least have to read this book. It is not the people who want war, but who does? All names are mentioned in this book!

(The text below is translated from German)

Journalists manipulate us in the interests of ‘the powers that be’. Do you also feel that you are often lied to and manipulated by the media? Then you will be a part of the majority of Germans.

Until now, this was adopted as a “conspiracy theory”, that the mainstream media is focused on manipulation or is using propaganda techniques. Now, an insider reveals what really happens behind the scenes. The journalist Udo Ulfkotte is ashamed of this after he has worked for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for 17 years. Before the author reveals the secret networks of power, he is writing with self criticism. For the first time he reveals how he was encouraged for his corrupted reporting in the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). And he also reveals why opinion leaders prepare their tendentious reports as accomplices of the NATO press office, for the media to preprare humanity for wars. The author was obviously introduced to the American elite organizations, and received a citizen-‘credit of honour’-certificate in the United States in exchange for positive coverage.

In this book you will read which journalists are represented and where in the lobby organizations. The author provides hundreds of names and faces behind the scenes of the organizations that influence our media propaganda on one side, about: Atlantic Bridge, the Trilateral Commission, German Marshall Fund, American Council on Germany, American Academy, Aspen Institute and the Institute for European Politics. He also reveals the mysterious background of those lobbying networks, the propaganda techniques and wirtes about forms that you can pick up at the American embassy as funding for projects for specific manipulation of the public opinion in Germany.

If the CIA dictates what is written, then can you imagine that intelligence services use speciale text-editors which determine the publications in the editorial section, signed by famous journalists? Do you know which journalists were bribed for their coverage and in what media? And do you have an idea of how the prestigious “journalistic awards” have been realised? Considering the background of the former “hero of labor” which was honored in the former GDR (DDR), the propaganda work is also still outstanding.

From journalist to propagandist is only a small step. If you read this book you will read our newspapers with different eyes, turn off the TV more often and you will also know what you can expect from the radio: almost nothing.

Ulfkotte describes carefully which transmitter belongs to which political party and which journalists’ have been influenced. You will see how you are manipulated and you now know ‘who and why’. At the end it is clear: the diversity of opinions is only simulated. The news is pure brainwashing!

(end of translation)


©Irma Schiffers

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