Lecture Richard Gage from AE911Truth in TU Delft (NL)

Richard Gage videoIn short, for the people from abroad: Richard Gage from AE911Truth (more than 2300 Architect and Engineers) is on tour in Europe and on the 16th of April 2015, he visited the Netherlands, and  gave a presentation on TU Delft. (See here).

Due to the large number of attendees the TU decided to offer live stream on that evening. As most readers know, I am trying to make it  accessible for everybody. because everybody has the right to know the truth, so I am translating some important articles in Dutch and in case of a video I will add the subs too.  So this time I promised to do so and TU Delft made a very nice edited version (also with the sheets). You will find it below.

On the site of TU Delft you are able to watch the original version, without the Dutch subs, click here.

It is high time for the people in America, in New York but also in the rest of the world to know the truth, and facts that the mainstream/corporate media is hiding for us because of ‘dark and strange’ interests of a very small group of people.

Let’s make a better world, together. But first we need to know and have the right to know the truth, and we all are responsible on an individual level to search for real truth. And when we are aware of it, we must share it for the sake of the planet, humanity and nature. So here it is;

© Irma Schiffers

All articles on this site are voluntary written for the sake of humanity and may be republished, provided the copyright is acknowledged


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