Meet George Soros and be aware!


Geroge sorosAfter my last post below (meet Bill Gates) it is time to have a close watch to another evil player, funding the actual Antifa -activists. A ‘man who seeks world domination and control, the divide and conquer strategy, and a ruthless civil-war promotion, encompassing the globe. At this very moment he seems to be succeeding well.

But his biggest fear is people waking up and seeing him for who he is. So we can, because we are able to connect the dots when we hear him speak, listening to his unscrupulous talks.

See this article from two years ago, but very actual right now, for a better understanding why George Soros is a very dangerous puppetmaster!   (English spoken, Dutch subs, if activated)





And see also this tweet with a short video, which clearly shows the connection between Hillary Clinton and George Soros.

Antifa logoAnd, is it a coincidence that the Antifa-logo is very similar to one we know from a sad and painful past?

Think for yourself and be the change!

©Irma Schiffers

All articles on this site are voluntarily written for the good of ‘hue-manity’ and may be republished, provided the sources are acknowledged.


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