MH17… And yet?

Like everyone elseI was  shocked when I heard the news about the crash of the MH17, the combining flight with KLM and Malaysia Airlines and my thoughts  immediately go to all passengers and crew of this plane, and their relatives. My deepest sympathy for everyone involved and concerned.

To me personally it is completelMH17y incomprehensible that there is still war going on for properties that were originally intended for all living beings. That there is still fighting for money, for a country, a part of a country, yes, to borders’ of a country and so hold the levers of power.  And again I feel like a stranger in this world and I‘m genuinely often wondering what I am doing here on this planet. Can I bear the sorrow of the world? No, my name is not Atlas’, the mythological figure who carried the world on his shoulders, but sometimes I feel very strongly I am though, especially when I do not sleep for another night and I feel sad and alone like an alien.

With amazement I heard texts likewe have brought down the wrong planeand ‘we regret the loss of 193 Dutch citizens. Are these words really announced by so-called civilized humans?

Why in the first place in this year of 2014, a plane is ‘taken down’  as if it were a computer game, and what about the other passengers and crew members who happen to speak a different language and were born in another country? Those we do not need to regret? Apparently we go back  to boundaries. How do you want them to be respected if you do not treat other people’s boundaries with respect all because of money and capitalism?

And again I see and hear people, who are deemed to be ‘mature‘, immediately point in the direction of another group or country as if their own slate is clean. Still don’t get to the core that they are pointing to themselves? That we are all one, and that by pointing to another we are pointing to ourselves?  Do they really dare  to throw the first stone?

I  feel like the ghost driver on the highway that hears the warning on the radio that a ghost driver is detected when he said: One? I see a hundreds of them’!‘  I am probably deranged, on the other hand it could also be that the whole world has gone mad.

And yet, I hear more and more people say they recognize the same feelings and they feel also powerless and can no longer understand or handle this. Fortunately, there are more and more ghost ridersand if there are enough of themwe at last are all going the other way! And it is time. High time!

And perhaps this is why it all happens, maybe because you stopped believing in coincidence? Or is it really a twist of fate with a higher purpose? A massive wake up call for humanity that we must remember that we have a heart and a soul; that we can feel compassion and commitment and that we will experience when we dare to open up our hearts again?

A Malaysian flight attendant unfortunately can confirm  this insane twist of fate, after she changed her shift on flight MH370, so she was not attending this flight.  By coincidence she saved her life when the plane disapeared. While her husbandalso a steward now also changed his shift and he has been killed on flight MH17. She survived the last disaster, but has now lost her husband. These are incomprehensible things.

An inquiry is needed. There are answers somewhere to the many questions that need to be sorted out. But I sincerely hope that we all are looking to ourselves” and why these things unfortunately still seems to happen. Everything that happens on this planet has a causal relationship because it remains in energetic existence. And energy is always following our thoughts and our thoughts will manifest what we think, do and fear. And as long as we only look at the consequences without addressing the cause, we are like the medical world only treating the symptoms.

It generally provides  a lot of money for certain companies and that is the main reason that the causality principle is still being ignored. hart handenBut if we finally all go back to the source, to the core of our heart, we will no longer suffer from ‘symptoms’ anymore. Simply because there is no (mental) ‘íllness’ anymore. Then we finally live in a healthy’ world as it was meant to be! You only need to start as the only valid principle itself: Improve the world by improving yourself!

Shall we ?


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