Microchips: has Sweden also gone mad?

Microchip_rfid_riceA view months ago I wrote about the RFID chip, and warned of the fact that this really going to happen if we do not massive revolt against the ruling elite, who want to make remote robots from humans.
Swedish offices implant employees with microchips: ‘We call it augmented humanity’ says the Washington Times. Of course they write such things, as this secret agenda is coming from America, lead by the shadow-elites. But more newpapers are promoting this idiocy.

In Sweden, in Stockholm they started inserting microchips beneath the skins of consenting employees, who are able to open doors, and can get access to some office-stuff like printers, copiers and so on.
The chip, the same like they inserted beneath the skin of your cat and your dog, so they can trace it when it is lost, should be designed by the Biohacking Group and emits radio waves. Quite healthy, don´t you think? And only because the people who are behind this stupid idea, are very sick themselves. I’m very afraid (also as a Jungian therapist) they can´t be rescued anyway!

A professional tattoo artist actually inserts the chips, as is written by the New York Daily News. ´And supporters of the technology say it’s only a matter of time before more businesses, in more countries, start using microchips for people to access public transportation, pay for groceries — even track their exercise and fitness progress´. Typically the NWO, and sounds very agenda 21. See the 10 ´rules´ on the Georgia Guidestones, dedicated to their own darkness, or ‘Lucifer’.

“Today” show reporter Keir Simmons was one of the reporters who tried out a chip, just rfid-chip tekstlike BBC- journalist Rory Cellan-Jones, as mentioned by a Dutch Newspaper. How foolish they can be, they can be traced everywhere and in the near future they can be remote controlled! But everybody has a right to be uncounscious or asleep, though. Simmons tried to unlock a door, but it didn’t work. And advocates of privacy state that the chip is a nightmare for individual rights, researchers suggest that over-reliance on computers could prove the country’s downfall. But they don´t listen to that kind of arguments. I wish them succes with their microchip!

But there is more criticism: Larry Rosen, who is an expert in technology quotes: “We have already gotten too overwhelmed with technology and if it’s now a part of you, that’s going to make you more obsessed with it”. So the thinkers, sensitives and philosophers prefer nature and to save the environment for the future generation. They don´t need a chip or any kind of unhealthy technology…

pijnappelklier descartesSince we know that our cars, planes etc. are using microchips that can be remotely controlled anytime they want, is this just a next step. The remote controlled “man” … Because we are increasingly discovering our multidimensionality and develop the pineal gland, which is the little organ of clairvoyance, clear knowledge and telepathic knowledge, they rapidly try to put a break on this process; we need to stay sheeple. But if we try to finally stand up against this kind of sick thoughts and development we can just go back to nature. A ‘healthy nature’ I mean, a nature we first need to repair with each other. In oneness and unity!

See here a video:

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