New Years greetings for you

vuurwerkFirst I want to thank you all very much for the interest and the many reactions under the articles, by mail or through other channels in the past year.  After all it is you who keep me writing; otherwise I would just write another diary! Initially it could have been one, but it grew into a very  public ‘diary’. :-) Apparently, things might often go just as they should go.

I wish everyone a very nice, especially peaceful and constructive year, in which we hopefully can join together to make this earth a healthier planet.

We naturally walked into 2015 and what we left behind feels like a strange year to me! If I go through my articles from February when I started this blog, I‘m honestly not very satisfied. And there is still a lot of work to do if our aim is to bring honesty, openness, equality and transparency. We will need to recognize what’s really going on, so we can actually do something about it.

At the same time, we can see that a lot has come to the surface. And that will continue this year. Things that maybe will be shocking to many of us, people who disappear to the other side, more relationships that are broken, but also people who will flee from the consequences of their actions when they come to light. It must obviously happen first, to see the change that most of us want to see.

Together we can solve it, and not with violence or aggression. The answer will always be proportionate and then we’re back in the same boat we are in for years now -if not for a century-. If we confront what is really going on, we can really make start to do something about it, to make a difference. On January the 27th, there is a big demonstration at the Binnenhof in The Hague, organized by Break the System and I really hope that this will proceed normally. I fear that there will be a few agitators to present the protesters in bad light. If you go there, do not let it happen! The power lies ultimately in a large amount of demonstrators issuing a strong message, not in physical showdowns. We can witness enough of violence in the world!

There is another thing: the Swedish investigative journalist and author Ole Dammegård has worked very hard on solving the mystery behind the assassination of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme for more than 30 years. And he found out that his “assassination was a set-up. In the same way het studied the JFK assassination, John Lennon, Robert Kennedy, Che Guevara, Salvador Allende, Pablo Neruda and other false flag operations. Now he does not speak about conspiracy theories” anymore, but about conspiracyfacts. In a number of interviews and videos, he explains how you can recognize all these ‘operations’, also in advance when you recognize the symbolism used by the elite.

I’m following him for a while after I heard and saw some interviews with Ole, but one video in particular caught my attention. He made a statement, a message for the “elite”, those who are behind all these outrages and I want to end with this video message for now because I personally feel exact the same way. It seems to me a perfect start of this new year.

For those who find it difficult to follow English: I translated the whole video message in Dutch and you can read it here.

Once again: wish you a very happy, healthy, honest. transparent and inspiring 2015!

© Irma Schiffers
All articles on this site are voluntary written for the sake of humanity and may be republished, provided the authors rights are acknowledged.

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