Ole Dammegård in the Netherlands: exposure of the dark

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to-the-heart-of-questionWhen similar like-minded souls on the same mission meet in these times, it feels like an explosion of emotions and divine love!


Ole with Xanadu, one of my housemates

So it was quite a week when Ole Dammegård (recently awarded with the Prague Peace Prize 2016) came over to my house and stayed for five intensive days; days with lengthy interviews on video, hard work, many laughs and tears and of course, music; just like the world we live in nowadays, but a world that is more than ready for changes for the good of humanity, the planet, and our animal friends.and that is what we are striving for.

Wow! As I often wrote before, Ole is a huge researcher and journalist for more than 30 years and he exposed so much false flags, corruption, fraud and other degrading behaviors from politicians, banksters, pedophiles and mind controlled so called ‘monsters’ and a lot of this came to light in these days while having long and deep conversations with this amazing friend. We talked about false flags in several countries, but we didn’t forget the Netherlands. And yes, much of it is captured on video. So you can expect a lot from us in the next coming months. It is the first big project for our new media-company ‘De Vrije Media’ (The free media), either a new professional independant media-outlet in the Netherlands.

de-setWhile we were together we read a very remarkable article (video) in our Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’, one of the most propagandistic newspapers that we have here in Holland: stating that we should not believe everything that is written in the news… They showed a video from out of Irak, and it seems to be that a car explodes and several victims are lying on the ground. But then they rewind the video and it shows the exploding car without humans or other living being around. A bunch of ‘actors’ are running in afterwards and lay down on the ground; as if…    As Ole said: “there really is a crack in the wall” (of lies and propaganda).


F.l.t.r.: Godert, Irma, Willem, Ole

We are on a mission; a mission of peace and truth and we will proceed!

On saturday Ole left, got home and he now is preparing for his trip to Dallas to be one of the main speakers at the conference about the assassination of JFK. If you want to support him, go to his website ‘Light on Conspiracies‘ for a donation. We all are working for free, for the sake of humanity. We all need each other and we surely need you!  Willem Felderhof, also a great lightworker, came to visit and he took Ole to the airport. Thank you, friend!

When you want to be of help, please become a monthly member of the media-company ‘De Vrije Media’. We need the support to go on with research and so we ole-dammegardcan support dedicated (national and international) journalists like Ole. We can’t do it without your support, so when you ask yourself the question ‘So what can I do’, in accordance with the homonymous book from Kim Kamala Ekman, this is one of the things.

The video’s and articles that are asking for finances are free for supporting members, or otherwise you can view them through ‘pay per view’. We keep you posted about that.

On the 15th of November we are doing an interview with David Icke and you are invited to ask a question if there is something to know more about. I will do my best to ask him those questions.

For now I only want to say “Thank you, Ole, for being here; we love you!”

© Irma Schiffers

All articles on this site are voluntarily written for the sake of ‘hue-manity’ and may be republished, provided the sources are acknowledged.


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