Ole Dammegård: Interview about JFK and Olof Palme

nederlandse vlag


coupd etatAs I wrote earlier about investigative journalist Ole Dammegård, born in Denmark and moved to Sweden where he grew up and investigated for 30 years the assassinations of JFK and Olof Palme, as well as other false flag-operations I translated a recent interview he gave for Truth Dimension TV.  He wrote the book ‘Coup d’Etat in slow motion‘, (in Swedish: ‘Statskupp i Slowmotion’) a book with more than 1100 pages (conform the pdf on my pc exactly 1108 pages) about these ‘assassinations’ with facts, names, photo’s, maps, documents, witnesses, in detail.

On June 6th he visited the Netherlands as one of the speakers at the open mind conference in Aalsmeer, which initially would be held in Amsterdam. But because of a controversial speaker about 9/11 the organisation did not allow the conference going through. No freedom of speech, as pretending. But it turned out to be a greater succes then expected.

In the interview, which I translated with Dutch subtitles, Ole tells about his experiences with the JFK and Olof Palme-case and ole dammegardabout his drive to search for the truth as well as other subjects. This man is one of the lightworkers, striving for a better world including all the risks and I can only underwrite his needs to do what he feels he needs to do. People like Dammegård are very needed to change the world in the way it is begging for.  See the interview below (eventually with Dutch subtitles, or without; you can choose yourself. Also his ‘message to the elite’ is available with Dutch subtitles)


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