Open letter to the Dutch Government

nederlandse vlag


Dear Prime Minister Mark Rutte and honorable ministers,

I often wonder if you can remember that you were born out of your father and your mother, that you have been nurtured so that you could grow up into the adult that you are now. And whether you might remember that there was a warm house, a bed and enough food for you, all that a child needs. This is a security to feel safe and loved. And at a later point your parents gave you an opportunity to study. Probably your parents had the resources to serve you. That you probably have knowledge which lead to a leading position in society does not naturally mean that you evolved inner wisdom, which resides in the heart. Maybe you need to assure yourself to keep the balance between your head and heart day by day?

Look around with sincere attention, to the people who are different and have a different life so you can see that all humans are beautiful and that living beings are strong individuals, but please be aware of the fact that there is a lot of dissatisfaction and sadness in society, because you think you should lead this society. And does it ever occur to you that the reason for voting you to lead, is because we trust you and because it is high time for a change in our country and in the world?

Or are you only looking to Brussels to the European Union and to the United States because there are people at the helm who are only concerned with economic interests and financial gain? And do you really struggle to maintain this ‘friendly relationship’ so you can hold on to your own ‘position’? I regularly wonder whether you feel peacefully and proud when falling asleep with that thought on your mind…

I also often wonder if you are ever aware of the fact that your focus on overseas makes you blind to everything behind you and around you. That is because you can only see the world with your earthly eyes! While, when you ‘look and speak’ from the heart and your intuition, you will know and notice everything that is going on, on an energetic level. You carry this tool from your a childhood (your soul), even at that stage where everything was there for you, like drinks, food and a home to experience protection and security. Did you forget and Isn’t that a basic right for of all of us?

Imagine that you are losing your home on one day and, like many hundreds of thousands in this world, have to live in fear and uncertainty. While we all know that this planet belongs to all living beings. Why do you still think on a daily basis that some people are allowed to make this planet their own private property, without the need to share it with others? Are these people really worth your support?

The word ‘revolution’ does not always means violence, although the doctrine in our history let us believe otherwise. So you don’t need to fear for this, and with your knowledge you should be well informed about this principle. A revolution can be very peaceful and especially when you initiate it yourself. We will be grateful for it. Is it fear of change? Fear at the same level of your true existence, or a fear to delight the same prosperity like everyone else while we all have the same rights and are all worth being considered humane? Or did you loose that deep insight when you resided at the velvet throne of the government in the Hague and did you rose above the mankind on that particular day?

During the coronation of our King, we could see the show of hands rising while many of you pronounced the text :’So help me God Almighty‘, while the other members (atheists) solemnly made the statement ‘I promise’.

It makes me wonder again. Do you really dare to look at yourself in the mirror, on behalf of that same Almighty God you believe in, and so dare claiming that this Almighty will help you to sow poverty among those who elected you to lead them politically? While day after day you betray their trust? Are you really convinced that your God stands at your side, helping you when driving people out of their houses without food, or made them losing their jobs and leave many children and parents in fear while threaten their daily security?

Do you really believe that ‘your God‘ permits that foodsupplies pop up like daisies while ‘He’ gave us a worldwide source of food, water and medication?

A good example tends to be followed. If you, in your boundless ambition for putting the Netherlands on the map in the world, want to achieve a real great success, you need to show a society which can function through the heart conform the real Dutch nature! An open ‘communication’ that brings justice to the term ‘community’.

You undoubtedly know this aphorism, when you really believe in ‘this’ God : ‘He who sows despair, reaps violence’.
So I wish you from out of my heart and soul much success while reaping the harvest!

© Irma Schiffers (More English articles, you’ll find here)

Disclaimer: You have permission for republishing the whole article, but authorized reproductions must reference the author’s name and this website


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