Opinion: I am tired. Intensely tired. But still…!

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Irma OpinionYes, I am tired. Of the lies, the blatant deceit that engulfs us daily, the polarization, the greed, the forgetfulness of the prime minister and his associates, the corruption of the powers that be, the oppressors from the world of big money who are dreaming of billions of slaves, and a whole lot more that George Orwell might just envy.

If you look at the Bible, the world and human life is coming to an end and time is coming to an end. To my knowledge, we are now in the end times. But without an end to the world, nor to the life of man. What does come to an end is the life of the non-humans, the unscrupulous greedy people who, ruthlessly and out of “inhumanity,” confiscate everything from the citizens in order to obtain not only money, but especially power. And that is not going to last very much longer, although we are not there yet at the moment. But we are going to see it!

Humanity is awakening. Finally, I would say, from the perspective of the awake and critically minded. Those sleeping fellow humans, who blindly accept what the mainstream, (read: “dependent”) media presents them with because they find it pleasant and convenient -and above all safe- may not agree with me. Certainly not if they really don’t want to make that big leap across the cognitive pond steeped in corruption, lies and deception. Perhaps because they can’t handle it, but there are also those who don’t “want to,” because those rose-colored glasses color everything so nicely soft.

That our sleeping fellow human beings do not want to feel that people are knowingly killed every day in every way possible by the money- and power-hungry little club of elites, that children disappear and are subjected to the most heinous crimes, and many suffer hunger and poverty, is understandable, but it hurts.

After all, not recognizing the problem leads to inaction, thus complicity, because this horrible system of  Not wanting truth
oppression is thereby perpetuated longer and longer. After all, you thereby literally provide the stage for this horror show to be staged over and over again like a theater show, even conspicuously under enormous tracking lights. And also only then, if you dare to visit this theater after you have turned off your TV and used the printed newspaper merely as soil filler for the litter box. A well-deserved spot for this outrageously corrupted paper and online trash that willfully keeps Comfort Zone-fans asleep.

Conscience. A beautiful word, a beautiful description of just one magical aspect of man, but where on earth does it reside? Conscience = I have a conscience. WHERE then? Or “conscience” = I have a conscience. (In Dutch it is also another word for: I already knew). Then I should ask “WHAT then? But in either case: then why didn’t you do anything? Why didn’t you dare to raise your voice or share it with others what you know or have “known?

Commonly heard answer: then you will be jerked off, you will be censored, followed by the government and secret services, you will lose your friends, your family, you will be called a ‘tinfoil hat’; divorces, jobs lost, income lost… and so on.
Yes, that can certainly be true. But that too is a program of the power-grabbers. Here writes a witness to all these so-called “terrible” things. We are crazy because we are tinfoil hats! However those who are so crazy that they think they can change the world are the ones who actually do it! What the dark side can do we can do too. But even better because there are many more of us.

What I myself would find even more terrible is that I would have sold my soul, my connection to the universe, my precious little line to my primal core to avoid all these “terrible consequences,” to run away from them. I would feel like I had committed a betrayal to all living beings here on earth that I fortunately still feel such a deep connection with. How would I cross that bridge that leads me back to my core, to my soul? I would probably not dare to cross it, just like those who now do not dare to jump over that pond of lies and corruption. I choose to cross both. For the pond here and for the bridge over there….

blog-kijkje-in-de-spiegelI will continue to do my best to publish something from time to time; especially translations of important English-language productions and videos. But sometimes I wonder why I keep spending all those nightly hours on that. To further inform those who are already awake? Or perhaps so they can share it with others who are not yet awake? Yes, probably the latter may keep me from sleeping.

I have been writing about this sort of stuff since 2010. Since 2014 on this blog. And I have written about really everything that is visible around us right now. About MK-ultra, mind control, about false flags, 9/11, MH17, child abuse, Georgia guidestones, chemtrails, the EU, transhumanism and robotization, about Russia and Putin (with an interesting and very extensive Valdai speech by Putin that I translated in Dutch, which, by the way, has been shared tremendously), about Ukraine, the Bilderberg Group, the WEF, psychological-spiritual articles and so on.

Not to mention the five interviews I’ve done with former elite banker Ronald Bernard, giving his testimony of the satanic child abuse in that world and how he -happily- collapsed and chose a different path as a result. It is translated in many languages and went all over the internet; also several times with my dear friend Ole Dammegard on false flags and other issues; with David Icke, with Dutch Dr. Elke de Klerk (in English) on the whole covid-scam, and much more. I have a search function on the right side on this site. That saves me a lot of work, a lot of extra work to just repeat everything again for those whose eyes are now opening. Type in a certain topic and you will find it as soon as you stand in front of that “pond” and intend to jump to the other side. Feel welcome on this other side!

Fortunately, many will recognize themselves in this: you are not alone and the victory of humanity will be in the end!

I am tired. Intensely tired, but still…

©Irma Schiffers

All articles on this site are written for the benefit of “hue-manity” and may be reproduced in whole or in part, provided the sources are respected.


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