Our metaphorical society…

Hectares of land… Many beautiful yellow colors. There is a lot of hustle and bustle. But a cozy atmosphere. Everyone has his own way working on that land. Baskets are filled. A cow being milked by a young girl. By hand. The animal feels comfortable and grazes in the meanwhile. There are sheep around, goats, chickens. Clear water jumps from the source and is flowing to the watertap. A dog jumps behind his boss to help herded the sheep. People walk back and forth. The baskets are emptied. There is laughter and a lot of fun. The sun paints the scene a little warmer. Trucks drive on and on to load stocks for the processing of the harvest. And they leave. A magnificent spectacle. This community is self-sufficient and live together in harmony. The we-feeling here is beautiful and honest and everyone is happy.

A big black car drives towards the fields. A man gets out and asks for the ‘boss’. I’m curious. Who would that be? Someone is calling for the people in the field. The girl stopped milking for a moment and looks back. She points to someone. A group is clustered round the visitor. There is no ‘leader’, everything is in harmony, so we don’t need one.

The man gesticulates and the group debates. He sends everyone home, because he has just bought the land. It is now his property, he reports. Protest and resistance. “It is our village, our food, our milk, our eggs and so the basis of our existence.” And for years. Who are you?

Martin Luther KingThe man is looking for the leader. But there is no leader. Never been necessary. He points to someone. “You are the leader now and you’re choosing the people who can work for us most efficiently. The rest of them must leave. The animals go off the land, I have created seeds to obtain a super quick harvest. So that creates more money on my property. And you can choose whether you work for me and I decide what you will earn or you have nothing to eat or drink. Choose for yourself. This land is mine!”

The new “leader” is shocked and is facing a doomsday scenario for himself. No food, no home, because that’s just been confiscated. ‘Yes, I will be the new leader, so I can keep what I’ve got. Under that same bright, hot sun he just sold his soul.

Because of the fear he commits treason, but he fails to see.

He drives out his own people off the land because he does what he is told. He saved his house, his food and a new status. It seems like a dream, not even a nightmare. For all those other people it is.

“The cows must disappear. The sheep and goats must go. The chickens have to leave. And if they do not leave they get a virus and culling of livestock is needed. We can produce a lot more money with this property. The sound of gunshots. The animals are executed. The girl that was milking her cow, is now becoming hysterical. Another gunfire. She is silenced. She is dead!

It’s all in the news on TV because everyone needs to see what happens here. Then you still waiting for the mainstream media...know what will happen when your country or land is occupied, and if you are not being compliant. Your survival instinct will change your attitude by itself. You’re going to take it for granted and get used to it.

The leader of this piece of land is given a high political position. But he has just sold his soul, so he does not care. He gets a big black car and drives to another piece of land. Now he’s the one that everyone sends home. “We just bought this piece of land,” he says. “And you can choose whether you work for me and I decide what you will earn or you have nothing to eat or drink. Choose for yourself. This land is ours!”

There is some little opposition. Because they also watched TV. Nobody is doing something, because only fear is left. The sound of gunshots. Again. All cows are dead! The people flee to the next piece of land. They do not want to live like slaves. There is plenty to reap from Mother Earth for everyone.

But they have become ‘nomads’. Forever on the run.

Until ….


© Irma Schiffers

All articles on this site are written for the benefit of humanity and may be republished, provided the authors’ rights are acknowledged


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