Paintings going alive…

nederlandse vlag


Paintings can occur in many ways. You can just paint copies of an image that you see in front of you, like a landscape or a still life, but you can also make a painting letting your hands do the work. Thereby having no idea where it is going or what it should propose. And that´s the way I work. I vote myself to ‘ receive ‘ and just start painting. In other cases, it may be that I can not fall asleep, but am in a kind of meditative state where I get a clear picture that is being painted. In this way I feel less comfortable because I think it is not to paint, that I am not able to create because it feels like I need to copy, even though it’s in my head. And then I always try to put it off with the thought ´I can not paint myself. And there´s the delay, until …

It is a strange idea that you although still create many paintings, and so I call it ´spirit-art. It comes from a different dimension´, from another world. Some have purely to do with my own personal development and my own future and are showing me personal messages. The other paintings I feel clearly I need to share because that concerns humanity. This is, as I see often, something that not everyone can understand, but those who know me and know what I do are now accustomed. In  a relatively short time I made so many paintings  with a wealth of information that I think it’s time for ‘something’ to release and publish about, because there are issues going on and soon will come in the near future according to those painting. I will only show the tip of an iceberg, and maybe some things knit together. Finally, with new information coming, you are the one  to see yourself if  the pieces of the puzzles match up.

AtlantisWe are going to remember again who we are and where we came from. Most of us see ourselves as a temporary earthly life: there was nothing before and nothing after. That´s fine of course, but for me personally earthly life means a part of an infinite cycle. So I painted this canvas and had to call it ‘Atlantis’. I didn´t understand much of it at that time, but it came pretty naturally and it was quickly achieved. I feel a very strong connection with this landscape, this “place”. The original isn´t with me anymore, but I offered myself a beautiful reproduction and now it hangs on an important place on my wall. Memories …..

This canvasRemembrance is called ‘Remembrance’. Again the ” memory” of ancient times. I feel like it´s me, not a surprise because between those wolves I feel very much at home. The faces surrounding them are various “faces” of antiquity. From most of them I know who to imagine. On the right -bottom  you see obviously an Indian. But it also has to do with Jesus of Nazareth and Roman times. In addition, I see and even feel the image of a great composer.

Book of truthAnother clue forward you see in this painting. It is called ” book of truth .” Quickly painted with palette knives and it wasn´t clear to me when it was emerging. A figure jumps in the the air with a book on the left arm ( Snowden? ) Hum … war scenes, A woman jumps out of the ‘ ball’ and you can see it both ways. To me, she jumps out with their arms back maturing of the canvas. Among the women a wise old man with a beard, so she seems to lean on him. Feminin-energy, very powerful feminine energy . Right at the top you see two triangles, like a Star of David that is fallen apart. An intense painting beginning to speak a tremendous truth, which has a major influence on the new future of mankind .

De aarde schreeuwtThe earth is crying, is the name of this painting. In de left above an eye that is watching over the person. The earth has also two eyes. Mother earth, a living being clearly shows her  ‘pain’. It has to change,           ‘Please, help us,’  the figure is crying out loud in this painting. Meditation and communion with above and below and the realization of it. It shows the loneliness of the one ” crying in the wilderness .”But this person is seen and heard and it will be responded for a new…!

Feminin power” Feminin -power called this painting itself. The sun eruption is there and the moon drops into the water. Very strange, that it does not dissapear after the horizon and this supposed to be another dimension to me. The pyramid appears to be of crystal and is glittering, translucent but powerful and protective. At the top of the clouds a man and woman are united. But also a angelic kind of being on their feet. The black panther showed up again in the very next painting a view moments later. Here ´she´ is alert and warning. In the underground you can see leopard spots but also a couple of puzzle pieces near the pyramid…

Tolkien of TzolkinThen we see a whole story on the painting ” Tolkien or Tzolkin. “The Lord of the rings´is getting  a very real character when you put it in the light of the Mayas. Antiquity and authenticity we may have forgotten, shows itself here. A history, and on the right again the black panther. An underworld to “read” from left to right. It is our past, our underworld, Hades from out of  mythology, but even as the underworld from nowadays. Who is now in control?  Top left a piece of the presence of our earthly consciousness. A beach, people who are unsuspectingly to recreate,  (subconscious) no idea what the hell  is happening   underneath and what has happened in the past. A couple with a child and a ‘door ‘ step into a new reality without seeing what happens next after the other portals. Here they are separated from other dimensions, but it all comes into focus soon …

Ancient worldsAnd again I went back in old times. This painting is called ‘Ancient worlds ‘ Below on the left in the white ´coat´ with fur deposition we see Julius Caesar with the torch, the Roman period. But also Indians and half the face of an alien. on the right below a reptilian (sort of a red dragon). Masks, antiquity and a string instrument (reminding me of the paintings of Marc Chagall). People in the background arc jointly carry fruit together, nutrition of mother earth and seek to build  an existence together. There is a lot to see and it is full of symbolic messages…

MarsThis is a strange painting to me. It’s called “Mars on earth” and it is clearly a different planet where life is possible (or was) . I call it ´Mars´ because of the red color. In the mountain on the left side you see a face of a boy (a new age kid). A clear blue eye that looks quite startled. There is water at the forefront and a sort of big fish is jumping. This really feels  very ‘atlantic ‘ to me, while it is in the universe…

Age of aquariusThen we got ” The age of aquarius. Of course, this painting really belongs in this era has dawned Aquarius. The waterbearer who pours the water while trying to achieve the earth with his “knowledge” (water) and his altruistic behavior, climbing to the whole world. The heart appeared in the globe. The “heart” must return to the earth, mother nature and humanity. In the air, right next to the world, I became aware of a lion that suddenly appeared in the clouds. The lion is the opposite sign of Aquarius in astrology and that energy is now very active, trying to make connections between soulmates.

Tijd voor veranderingAnd then it was ” time for a change .”The past is ” obviously scraped away’ with sandpaper and as we know scraping with sand hurts. Letting go of old ideas and old patterns that no longer serve us. Love will come back between soulmates and the ‘ vortex ‘ is visible. The memories of past lives and the  `greater consciousness´ becomes clear. There is a  light and there is ‘ support upcoming . ”  You can also find this painting in the first article ‘ Time for change ‘. Note the vortex that gives a glimpse into the other side of it in the picture below. the one following next…

NiburuThis one was painted very fast. In less than two hours I ‘ve seen this one appear. It´s painted with a palette knife. Apparently it’s called ‘ Nibiru ‘ and it felt that I was literally in another dimension when I made this. It feels to be trusted. Then at last when the three light beams appeared, I suddenly saw that it was an UFO. The lights shine clearly on America. There is going to happen something, that’s obvious. Little defense, but that´s impossible anymore. Feels like it’s time. There is a lot of movement in the painting and once I looked through the painting above ( Time for a Change ) , I saw that the other side of the “hole” is true here,  emitting the light on the left. A kind of black hole. This is a very significant painting that is still going to be translated in real life soon. Multidimensional,  that´s for sure … !

watermannenWell , then we’re suddenly here  at this point, with this latest work that I made in february on hardboard in just 15 minutes! This is the big turnaround. A lot of movement in the air from other dimensions A type of aircraft that disappears into the clouds, but ‘ captured’ by something else. (when the MH 370  really disappeared a few weeks later in March, I was shocked). Lots of water, lots of people, an amphibious tank that was shut down in the water. A special ‘essence’ of darkness  (dark side ) in the forefront, but it is ” washed away “. Angelic beings in the water. War, but peaceful, total collapse of ´what ‘is’ … It feels liberating, not negative or violent. Left you see other dimensions ‘unveil’ or a kind of transparent veil . They walk here interchangeably and are visible. The strange fact is that a staircase leads to the top center of the large white ‘wave’ which is also painted on the first canvas ( Atlantis ) . As if we have come full circle.

There are lots of other paintings that I have made​​, and I probably can insert them later on in this list. It feels to me like a lot of information and it ’s also like I’m able to step in each painting, and especially now,  because it becomes  a whole story. To me it feels familiar and well known.

Now I have to wait until the pieces will fall into place.  But I am very grateful for all the images that I have ‘ received ‘, at first figuratively, and then literally. Also that I have been able to witness them all in physical form now. I would almost think , when looking at the walls, that I walking through a dream … But sure through a real dream  and that’s no longer an illusion!

©Irma Schiffers  2014

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