Paul Craig Roberts – Putin most popular; warning the West!

With the eyes of the world focused on the war in Ukraine and the stalemate in the talks between the Greeks and the EU, today former U.S. Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, explained to King World News why Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has just warned the West that it faces terrifying consequences.

Former U.S. Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: “The U.S. demonization of Russia and Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has resulted in alienating those Russians who were supportive of the West and the United States. The constant demonization of Russia and Putin has galvanized the Russian people behind their president.

Putin More Popular Than Any Leader In The World

Just today it was reported that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has a staggering 85 percent approval rating in Russia. No politician in the West or anywhere else in the world has approval numbers anywhere close to that. So the West has completely and utterly failed in its attempt to force a change in political leadership in Russia.

Ukraine Humiliated And Defeated

Now the question is: What about Ukraine? The Ukrainian military has failed in eastern Ukraine. The pro-Russian people and their forces have defeated the Ukrainian Army on all fronts and the Ukrainian military is thoroughly demoralized and humiliated.

IMF Breaking Rules To Support Bankrupt Ukraine’s War Effort

Now the question becomes: What about the survival of the Ukrainian government? Under their own rules, the IMF cannot lend to countries that are at war. The IMF is not supposed to have their funds used to support a war effort or to enter a conflict on the side of one party.

The IMF also is not supposed to lend to bankrupt countries. Well, Ukraine is clearly bankrupt. But Western institutions are following Washington’s lead and since Washington is lawless, all entities in the West are becoming lawless.

Merkel And Hollande Worried

Read more on King World News   and please watch the short video below (about 8 minutes)

For the important speech of Vladimir Putin about his future vision click here, as well you might want to read his News (Press) Conference from December

Please watch this video and share if you like!

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