Politics: humiliating for humanity

Rutte ping pongOnce again we are witnessing a game of ping-pong , but in this case with the stone of Mark Rutte because he promised the Dutch people to leave no stone unturned. And people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Yes, that disaster flight, nr. MH17 last July figuratively hangs still in the air, and did not clear the sky. There will be an investigation about what exactly Dutch intelligence and security services knew about the situation in eastern Ukraine before the disaster occurred with flight MH17, as we could read recently. The ball of stone is now being played that way: a game of ‘Pass the ball’. And the government is an increasingly growing target of criticism.

Meanwhile, the sanctions against Russia still accounts for an impending war and Europe thus considerably shot itself in the foot, because Russia does not wait for a total economic collapse and is -with an urge to survive- looking for agreements within the BRICS; fully understandable.

Oh well, we still have gas in our own country. Whether the citizens from Groningen agree with that or not…; figuratively (because of high mortgages) we see several houses going underwater, so they now can literally sink ‘into the ground’, just as the inhabitants itself, according to the politicians.

Yesterday there was another quake near Loppersum. Woudbloem in Slochteren was last week’s turn. In a short time we can also speak of sinkholes in the Netherlands if they continue with this. We are not only threatened through the sky because of an exorbitant amount of chemtrails, but the threatening is also coming out of the ground where we live on, which is also poisoned with the seeds from Monsanto. But fortunately Monsanto is so mad about their own seeds, that they are steadily following those seeds by going underground too; this trend has already started, because of peoples’ awakening; they don’t want to get cancer!

Protests make no sense anymore, nowadays. The people in The Hague suddenly all became deaf to those who apparently gave them their voice and mandate to ruin our country completely: socially and economically! I wonder how many people are going to participate in the demonstration in January. Maybe we should hand over some equipped hearing aids to all members of the cabinet first, so that they can not hide behind their ‘being sham deaf’.

In the meantime is still not even one stone unturned, squeezing many with a very heavy heart. prullenbak met dossierQuite the opposite, it seems like the truth also is going deeper underground. Our politicians changed their dustbins for a rug , trying to shove the painful issue under the rug.

A brave survivor of two victims of this MH17 disaster, with the nickname Hana 333 has written a disturbing letter that was allowed to be published in full. She attributes,among other things:

As you can probably imagine, as a survivor you enter a smokescreen of dismay, disbelief, chaos, grief, denial, anger, and all there is to it. A kind of shock, you might say. This ensures that you are disabled, as it were, and unable to respond immediately and appropriately. In such a situation no alternative remains but to assume that the government and our mayor will support and assist as if you were a child, and will look after your interests as to their own child. Nothing less is true!

One thing is for sure: the facts themselves are terrible, but what happens next is much worse. That one, even as relatives of the victims, by the government is hoodwinked, is lied to and be cheated; no one will be informed about the true nature of things, and it creates towering, extra moral damages, and that is irretrievable. And this is what they have to offer you, for free and for nothing! That it is impossible under those circumstances, to cope with the horrific events in this situation, the government couldn’t care less.

… If one then eventually, even as a surviving relative, starts to ask critical questions about the research, one is kept at bay by the same government as a conspiracy thinker; or even almost treated as perpetrators.

2015 seems to be a good year to delete the word ‘secret’ for once and for all from our vocabulary. Only full disclosure and transparency can lift humanity to a higher level.

I totally agree with her and would just like to contribute , hoping that more brave people will stand up and follow. It is inhuman to deal with this in such a way. Hana says: “I have searched for answers, but will the truth ever show her real face?”

Indeed, let’s hope that more and more people come forward, the ones who have the courage to make themselves heard. Even if it is undesirable in the current political climate. One day when we are going to make the same mistake, compliant to the proverb ‘once bitten, twice shy’ and that can really hurt. But on the other hand, the unturned stone finally turns up!

© Irma Schiffers

(PS. The complete letter is published in Dutch).

All articles on this site are voluntary written for the sake of humanity, and may be republished, provided the authors’ rights are acknowledged.


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