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Musical chairs at the hairdresser’s
Columns. A critical opinion about political, social and personal ‘hilarious’ issues, in short: about life!

This book is recently translated in English and published by America Star Books voor the US, UK, Canada etc.

A collection of short stories, consisting ofcolumns’ in which Irma humorously described her inner thoughts about this mad world we’re living in.  Sometimes very critical to politics in the Netherlands and other countries and to  social ‘nonsense’, unambuguous lies, but also narrative about life as a professional bassplayer, nature and as a huge animal lover. This book has been translated for the international market and is now available by America Star Books, or at Barnes en Noble and Amazon.comThe intention of this book is that it gets people to anotherfairview on things that are now obscured when we behave like sheep’ and are compliant to the social and political norms, which sometimes overwhelms us through the mainstream media. Irma: “I’m a writer for the alternative media and I’m trying (as a Jungian therapist and spiritual coach and writer) to encourage the awareness of the new paradigm.” This book is available in the Netherlands  (NRC-next, etc) and in every bookstore. The cover was drawn by her brother, the AVRO DJ and radiohost Hans Schiffers.

CoverThe collection of poems A hen is a castrated donkey” was published in July 2011.

Cover 'Een oen is een gecastreerde ezel'achterkant 'Een oen...'

2 Reacties op “Published books

  1. Peter Bedijn

    december 14, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    Een kapoen een gecastreerde haan !

    • irma2014

      december 14, 2014 at 5:16 pm

      Het voorwoord van deze bundel is geschreven door schrijver en dichter Theun de Winter en dat gaat als volgt:

      Een geholpen ezel heette vroeger een ‘oen’
      En een lotgenoot-haan noemt men wel ‘kapoen’
      Maar ik moet, als ‘onbeholpene’, iets met mijn leven doen!



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