Remote Viewing and the pyramid of Gizeh

The past few weeks I followed the Facebook-page from Dr . Courtney Brown, director of ´The Farsight Institute´ with great interest. Courtney Brown is engaged in remote viewing, a form of  ‘clairvoyance ‘ on a scientific basis.


Remote Viewing was secretly used in the military, for example to detect the enemy nations and was also engaged in espionage work. In 1995 they made the announcement that they would stop. But surely this is still used behind the scenes. If you want to know more about the procedure used by Remote Viewing (RV), you can go to the site of The Farsight Institute, where you also can find a free audio course in 24 lessons .

Courtney Brown told in late January that The Announcement was expected. An announcement that could change the world from that moment. These changes need to come from humanity, because when we know more about our true history and the background of our current system, we get a different view of the world, but also about ourselves. So it is understandable  that we take a different stand for our life and want to return to our origins.

Courtney therefore began with implication- postings on his Facebook-page in preparation for the revelations in The Announcement. Ultimately, this would take place on the 15th of March. I followed this closely, because it interests me immensely. Especially because years ago I had learned a lot about Remote Viewing during some lessons while educated in Parapsychology, and since I´m a clairvoyant and medium myself.
RV is a very accurate way to retrieve information from an object, place, or event in the past, present, or even in the (near) future and also over a great distance (even from another planet). And there are some people who are very skilled and experienced in this procedure.  It is not known in advance to the Remote Viewer what, who or where their target is. The target is so called ‘blind’ .

That is very different from working with clairvoyance. Then you usually zoom in on something or someone that is asked for and what is described for a little. This scientific process works clearly very different and very structured.
Courtney Brown talks about the best Remote Viewers in the world when he announces Dick Allgire and Daz Smith as those who have contributed on his project.  They are indeed very good and experienced in their job and I find it a pleasure to watch them working (see it for yourself below in the presentation video).
RV is a strict protocol where data are collected while using pen and paper. Data which become increasingly detailed as the process progresses. After this procedure these data are scientifically analyzed for a conclusion.

Piramide van GizehThe project where Courtney Brown has focused on is the emergence of the pyramid of Giza in Egypt. ´How´ it was built, by whom, where the material came from, how it was transported at that time, and especially ´why´ it is built . What was the purpose of the pyramid?
Such research takes at least one year to complete and you can see on the video that these data and amazingly outcomes even surprises Courtney’s  own expectations.  Courtney is clearly involved in this work with a lot of passion, moreover, entirely unpaid, as well as the other volunteers who are committed to the institute. A passion that I share with him, because it delivers a beautiful piece of history to our reality, which unfortunately has always been completely distorted and in favor of a number of rulers in this world.

Most striking of all this research is now proven through this scientific method, that aliens were involved and that the pyramid clearly had a different purpose than was presented to us throughout history.  Something I ‘ve always felt deep inside, and many others with me.

That aliens have been existed (and still do) is no news for me personally. I think that it demonstrates arrogance when we think that everything revolves around our little planet and that we are the only “living beings” in the vast universe. I even have the strong feeling that we humans are a very underdeveloped species and are more primitive than those we normally describe as  “the primitives from the past” because of our eternal desire for power, money and possessions, all at the expense of humanity and our beautiful Mother Earth.

About aliens already a lot is written and published. Our Dutch newspaper The Telegraph wrote on April 27, 2011 that the NSA already confirmed contact with aliens, while recently on January 1 this year, Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defence in Canada in this TV interview talked about the existence of UFO´s and aliens. Russia and China also put increasingly pressure on the release of information about it. When you add up recently while former senior employee of the World Bank and whistleblower ´Karen Hudes´ in this spacious 30-minute TV interview mentioned the existence of ” different species” here on earth working for the Jesuits, while global daily UFO sightings are reported, you are no longer in doubt. The knowledge about this will be increasingly made known about this year.

Coming back to the RV project of The Farsight Institute that the initial findings of the investigation have been released, I want to say that I find it a very interesting evolvement that Remote Viewing is made available to the public  known as a process; something that was kept secret for years and thus was used as a control-mechanism. As well as advanced technology that can benefit the earth, as well as the whole of humanity. What is happening now on earth is completely unnecessary!

For that matter, I have a deep respect for Courtney Brown and the Remote Viewers that they have researched this history and now like to share it with the humanity,  so that finally a piece of clarity is given about our true history. And thus, the possibility for us now, is a greater awareness in order to return to a real humanitarian life as it was once intended.

See the introduction to the entire video below, which you can download on your computer paying a low cost ( $ 15,-).  I can definitely recommend it because it ’s worth it to see how RV works, but also to see what these men have discovered during their extensive research. And like Courtney Brown says : “watch it with an open mind and judge for yourself .” I fully agree with him. After all, minute by minute we create our own future !


The great pyramid of Giza

Order complete video here

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