Russia, Snowden and the truth about 9/11

Update October 3, 2014: For those who still have doubts about the ‘real truth’  after reading this article and all the links, please read also this recent article!

And make up your own mind…


I just wrote about the German journalist Udo Ulfkotte, he was employed for 17 years by the Frankfurter Allgemeine and wrote a book on bribery within Western journalism and already the next ‘Mister Truth’ is knocking at our door. But this time perhaps for most of us with a lot of shocking facts. We have not forget the commemoration day of September 11th, thirteen years after that terrible disaster in the United States and again the earth will shake to its foundations. Rather ‘under the foundations’ for there will be quite a lot of controversial isses to bring into the light. Quite right, and finally!

See this short video (a Monty Python-like parody) to refresh your memory with the official version:


As we know, Edward Snowden is still in Russia, and there is also a president, provoked by the West, sanctioned and challenged and apparently he is an opponent to the west. The only missing piece in the propagandistic accusations is that Putin in person launched a BUK-missile to shoot flight MH17 out of the sky. And a chance to explain and explore the facts or the possibility for a different scenario and other perpetrators is no option. Vladimir Putin may be known as a man of steel, an ex-KGB agent, but a great chess master, he is for sure. schaakmatThe fact that he was able to prevent a 3rd worldwar thus far, although provoked by the west, is his credit and nobody else. But sit still, he did not. We could read that Russia just ordered 700 DAF trucks in the Netherlands. A remarkable move on the chessboard, because after all, the Netherlands also participate in the economical sanctions. But now, Russia is preparing for a move that we normally indicate as ‘checkmate’.

The website State of the Nation wrote on September 27: (see for yourself if this is true)

Russia Disseminates,
Snowden Validates,
NSA Evidence Corroborates

“This 9/11 data dump is so radioactive the US Government will likely collapse. The world will never be the same when nations everywhere see this report!”
– Veteran 9/11 Investigator

The evidence is now clear and indisputable that the false flag operation carried out on September 11, 2001 was a multi-nation conspiracy. The USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and UK have each been proven to be directly involved with the execution and coverup of this crime against humanity.

There were other state actors and intelligence agencies involved such as Pakistan’s ISI; however, the US Federal Government and Israeli Secret Services are by far the most complicit. The voluminous amount of circumstantial evidence alone both indicts and convicts the US Government of crimes against its own citizenry. Likewise, Israel’s fingerprints are all over the 9/11 crime scene and directly related criminal activities.

Enter Russia … Edward Snowden … and the Alternative News Media

When Edward Snowden opted to stay in Russia after fleeing the USA little did he know that the NSA treasure trove he absconded with would serve as the basis for so much 9/11 revelation. The existence of this extraordinary cache of NSA evidence documenting criminal activity conducted at the highest levels of government has empowered Russia to reveal 9/11 Truth with unimpeachable authority. Hence, the Kremlin now conducts periodic and strategic data dumps concerning the real facts surrounding the events of 9/11.

As long as the Anglo-American Axis, the European Union, and NATO continue to antagonize and persecute Russia, why would they not continue their “massive download” of 9/11 evidence which indicts the original accusers. The coup d’état conducted by the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD in downtown Kiev only served to further inflame an already justifiably angry Russia.

While the USA & Company issues one sanction after another, it is Putin who owns the critical pieces in the critical places on the ever-changing geopolitical chessboard. Not only can Russia shut down the Ukraine economy in a day and a night, much of Europe can be left out in the cold this coming winter season. Much more importantly, however, Russian social networks can download HUGE amounts of 9/11 evidence about the true false flag perpetrators in a New York Minute.

Whereas Russia has yet to do just that, the Kremlin has permitted the release of earth-Putin en Obamashattering material which is generally known on the internet as 9/11 Truth. The world is starving for such unvarnished and genuine truth in view of the fact that those false flag attacks have been systematically utilized by the real perpetrators to wage war against nations near and far.

That’s all about to change in 2014

With the dissemination of the most recent round of 9/11 Truth, the guilty state actors have been painted into the corner … WITH NO WAY OUT. When a nation such as Russia, which possesses an intelligence apparatus second only to the USA, provides high integrity information and data pertaining to the 9/11 false flag operation, and Edward Snowden is backing it up with NSA-generated hard evidence, how can the real perps possibly squeeze out of that corner?

The internet has seen to it that no one can hide in 2014 and beyond… [end of quotes]

I personally was quite shocked by the words of Cameron when he compared those who are questioning the 9/11 and 7/7 events and are looking for the truth with the anger and threats of ISIS. He said that not only ISIS need to be stopped, but that the aforementioned truth seekers are as dangerous as Nazis and KKK recruiters! And that a plan should be made for this ‘type’ of so-called non-violent-extremists. How brave, but it also confirms that they become paranoid because the real truth will soon be uncovered. Otherwise there is no reason for this kind of verbalisms in a real democracy!

We wait and see what will happen. That change is needed, will be clear. And that this might happen soon is for sure. We are heading in furious tempo to the path of truth and transparency!

Below you can listen to the Veterans Today Radio Interview on September 22, with Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer, Preston James And Stew Web.
This truly extraordinary interview took place among a group of 9/11 Truth seekers whose collective knowledge base, deep/broad experience set and access to insider information qualified them “to blow the lid off ” the US Government-coordinated conspiracy to commit high treason, mass murder, grand theft and premeditated acts of state-sponsored terrorism.

The bulletized transcription of many of the key points concerning 9/11 Truth that were discussed, you can find here below the video. Many of those points have the YouTube time posted for ease of referencing.

But for now, the chess game is not over yet. Fasten your seat-belts!

© Irma Schiffers

Sources (recommended)

Russian 9/11 Data Dump Reveals State Actors  Read also on this page: ‘Too Classified to Publish’ (mei 2014)
9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress (27 september 2014)
Alternative Media Success Panics NeoCons (Veterans Today, 25 september 2014)

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