Sailing the cosmic waves of 2014

nederlandse vlag


Are we preparing for an energetic storm? The astrological positions do seem to say so, the upcoming period.

The best thing you can do now, is jump on your surfboard and try to remain as steady as possible, so you may flow along on the cosmic waves we are heading towards. A few tough phases are heading our way: however, you may not consider these ‘tough’ unless you do not like changes or unexpected events. Many of us are more than ready for this by now, and such a phase may even be graciously welcomed into our lives (even though we do not know where those waves are coming from, or where they may take us). It could even be quite an adventure. I would say: open up to what’s coming.

Cardinal-Grand-Cross-April-2014On April 15th there will be a lunar-eclipse, followed by a solar-eclipse exactly 14 days after, on April 29th. Eclipses always cause renewal and revelation of the truth, and wiping away aspects that no longer serve us. Thus, starting April 16th we may fully utilize these possibilities for renewal.

As the lunar-eclipse will be positioned in Libra, this will definitely affect relationships, and therefor also relationships that are no longer productive. Endings of relationships will occur, and these could definitely occur quite sudden. It is about clearing away everything that no longer serves us. The second eclipse (the solar-eclipse) will be positioned in Taurus. Both Libra and Taurus have Venus as their ruling planet: this planet has been named after the Roman goddess of love. So, especially in the aspect of love we will experience change, closure and renewal. This depends on our personal development which we have to experience by ourselves, and in which we will have the freedom to make choices at our own pace.

Cardinal_Grand_Cross_April_2014In the midst of these eclipses, during the Easter days, there will be a ‘Cardinal Grand Cross’. This big ‘square’ will generate quite a heavy energy. Imagine a picture in which we are rotating in a revolving door, while both the entrance and exit are still locked. We keep rotating and we want to get out at some point, but first of all we will have to determine where we want to go. It could feel like we are locked up. It will be the fifth Pluto-Uranus square (the seventh and last occurring in March 2015), and this fifth square wants to swing us out of the revolving door towards a new path, because of the huge dynamics of this Cardinal Grand Cross. And again, the best thing you can do here is to surrender, flow along and keep your eyes focused on the direction you wish to head into. No matter what is happening around you. This particular square will set a long-term foundation, so the changes that will manifest will be the foundation for the future. Be very aware of this.

This phase will hit many areas at once: in this square we will be dealing with the unpredictable planet Uranus, the revolutionary flashing down from the skies like a lightning bolt to unchain this revolution; together with the super-power planet Pluto which will function as a plow and tear out everything from under the ground that has been buried. Pluto wants to cause transformation. Also, in this square we will be dealing with the giving, yet expansive planet Jupiter; the planet that magnifies anything, and this could be both positive and negative. The final act will be performed by the fiery battle-and-action planet Mars. Although this planet is a retrograde, it does not mean it will be less present. Mars may very well decide to go on a war spree, especially now he’s positioned in Libra (which represents marriage and relationships). You have been warned, try to remain calm when you are facing a battle. This is a powerful square: four squares with two opposites: a Grand Cross. And everything being positioned at 13 degrees! How much more special could it get? :)

If you recognize the way this square is being shaped and in which signs the planets are being positioned, you will see in which aspects ‘truth’ and ‘change’ will start manifesting. Especially if there are aspects in your life that require change. This fifth Pluto-Uranus square could be defined as quite ‘unusual’ in this line of seven.

Pluto, the ‘plow’ digging up everything that is hidden from under the soil (plutonium) is positioned in Capricorn. Capricorn represents order, father, values, government, banks, authorities, etcetera. Pluto wants to reveal the truth, also in these areas. We may expect governments, banks, old values, but also order to receive a rather sensitive blow where the truth is NOT present. You may expect more messages in the daily forecast (news) regarding the monetary system, monetary affairs that are incorrect and authorities being forced towards openness. This will continue for a while.

Then, Pluto’s cohesion (the square) with Uranus, which will cause things to occur out of nowhere, completely unexpected changes and revolutionary ideas falling from the skies. Uranus will be positioned in Aries: initiating and starting in action-set Aries. The sudden new beginning may follow things that crumble and fall apart. These could definitely be relationships, considering Mars (the fiery battle-planet) is positioned in the relationship representing planet Libra. Libra stands for balance, truth, clarity in relationships and evaluating relationships that could be brought to a sudden ending by Pluto and Uranus. To all this, add the fact that Jupiter is positioned in Cancer, the expansive planet magnifying matters regarding home, heart and feelings: we will be dealing with true love instead of ‘judgment from the mind’. It’s about creating relationships with the heart, instead of the head. Experiencing love with your soul connection (Twin Flame) cannot be compared to the ‘love’ we often try to keep standing for practical reasons, because it’s simply ‘supposed to be like that’. In this area we may also expect changes!

We will be able to feel and see all of this -no matter how small or big- in the world, and ourRad van Fortuin own surroundings. The Tarot card that perfectly matches all this, is the ‘Wheel of Fortune’. This is also sort of a Grand Cross, and this card shows that everything will always continue to go on, and that the possibilities for renewal are present. It’s a card representing insights that make these renewals possible. Nothing will remain the same, everything is constantly in motion.

De doodAlso, the energy of the Tarot card ‘Death’ matches this phase. This card belongs to the Big Arcana, and also shows radical changes. It’s the card of transformation. The old is being wiped away, and the new may be built on the old foundations.

The energies we will be dealing with the upcoming weeks, will certainly still be very present in the months following. We have not completed the transformation process yet, but we keep taking new steps on this ‘ladder of evolution’ in this new Aquarius era.

Calmly prepare for a new road, the new (higher) love, but do not forget to respectfully say goodbye to the old. It has brought you many life lessons: look at it as though leaving your old school, to continue your studies at the next one. Even though letting go of the old may be tough because it simply feels comfortable, when it no longer serves you, you may gratefully say goodbye to a phase or people who have been your loyal companions for a long(er) period of time. This has never been in vain!

©Irma Schiffers 2014

Translation: Thanks to Angave – Spiritual Awareness

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